Returning CE HPal LF Mythic guild

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Hi Fireblink! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

hit me up if you come to your senses and want to mage, 8/10M add ayy#11363 on btag lets go kill SLG

As a former Recruitment Officer of Fireblinks, I must acknowledge him as being one of the most consistent and tenacious raiders I’ve ever had the privilege of raiding with.

His ability to consistently mess up mechanics and dodge raid attendance has truly set the bar for what should not be expected as a raider. His prowess and overall insight in his class was made abundantly clear throughout progression, being from the bottom and always looking up

I strongly recommend this player for the guilds who are satisfied with mediocre performance and lack of passion. A true raider at heart.

Hello Fireblink!

[Evening Shift] is recruiting for our raid groups!

Current Schedule Below

Weekday Raids:

Team Frenzy: 10/10H, 6/10M Castle Nathria (9:00pm - 12:00am EST Tues/Weds)

Off Night Raids:

Heroic CN Sunday 7:00pm - 10:00pm EST Off Night Monday 9:00pm - 12:00pm EST


Thurs/Friday 11:00pm - 2:00am

Server: US-Thrall High Pop PVE

Faction: Horde

About Us: We’re a group of mostly previous CE raiders returning that have acquired multiple realm firsts back in ICC. At peak we had 8 25 man groups going at any given time. Everyone raids based on their performance. It prevents carries and slackers from dragging the progression down. No politics, no favorites, everyone understands how they can succeed. Our goal this tier is CE for all raid teams and pushing for realm first next tier.

Recruiting Needs:

Melee DPS - Closed

Ranged DPS - ALL

Heals - ALL

Minimum Reqs: 210 Ilvl, 10/10H

As always though looking for highly skilled players of any class feel free to drop an add at one of the following

Interested? Bnet: Destro#1898 Discord: Destro#9040


Added you on disc

Second Attempt is a 5/10M , semi-hardcore, CE minded raiding guild comprised of many former/returning top US 100 raiders located on the Tichondrius server

Currently looking for mechanically sound, punctual pumpers to join our team and assist in the hunt for CE for 9.1 and beyond. If you are looking for an active, relaxed environment with people who push high M+ keys, PVP and gear alts in our spare time this is the place for you!

Raid times:
Tuesday & Thursday 6pm - 9pm PST

Contact for apps/questions:
Discord - Tahk#2844
Wong- Wong#9313
Feet- Feetpics#5541

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