Returning casual player looking for Horde WoW-Classic guild


I leveled through WotLK through WoD and played on and off again since. I work full time and will only have a couple of hours each evening to play. My intention is to start WoW Classic on August 27, level up a Mage, and be ready for raids when they become available; DPS as a Mage seems like the best way for me to support my guild right now. I might be willing to try my hand at Tanking and Healing for the right guild, all I would ask for in return is some patience and sage advice :slight_smile:

About me: I am a mature player (49). I am a Software engineer in the financial sector with over 20 years experience. I have a small collection of old Atari game consoles which I like to play from time to time. My favorite pastime is spending time with my wife, and binging Netflix. :wink:


Hey Valdro!

Seems like you might fit in with the community focused group I’m slowly piecing together. I’m not sure what your time zone you’re in, but I’m basing the group of of the West coast on a PST Realm. If you’d like to chat on discord, his me up at Polarus#3461


Hey there! EPITAPH is currently rebulidng our guild and raid team. There has been less activity between patches and i think you may be a good fit! We are always here to help with any questions, help gear and anything else you might need. We are a smaller group of players who have known each other for a long time. If you want to chat please add me to battlenet Alikona#11551

- [H] <Contempt> US PvP

< Contempt > is actively recruiting serious players looking to clear all the content Vanilla WoW has to offer. Formerly < Ascendance >, a day one alliance guild on Uther that cleared all Vanilla content, including Naxx pre BC.

Progression raiding will be M/W/F from 7-10pm pst and days will be reduced as the content becomes easier.

Players will be expected to level and gear at a fast pace, with the first raid planned four weeks after launch. Players must play an appropriate spec for the current content and will be expected to bring their own consumables.

Roster Needs
We currently have over 40 people signed on and are looking to round out a few more specs. Please check out our discord for specifics and make sure to read the #faq.

• Please contact Discord: Dordric#1954, RID: Dordric#11183