Returning 400 Havoc DH LF Mythic Guild



I am a returning player looking to get back into a more hardcore scene. I am currently playing catch up with my classes trying to get them geared for The Eternal Palace. I need a guild to take me under their wing to catch me up on all current content. I have raided since BC primarily on my Disc/Holy Priest. I am always willing to learn. I listen and take constructive criticism well. I do have a mic and love to talk in Discord.

I am looking to main my DH but can be persuaded into playing a Hunter if needed.

If interested, please contact me via B-net or Discord.

B-net: Toothless#11258
Discord: Toothless#6858


Guild: OrderOutOfChaos
Faction: Horde
Raid times: Tuesday /Thursday 8-11pm server-time (mythic oriented) no tanks.
Saturday & Sunday 8pm server time. (casual progression) this is a fresh team all spots open.
PvP events run Saturdays at 5pm goal is rbgt.
New and returning players welcome, social adult crowd. Guild currently reforming after server transfer. Over 100 active members. Core raiders have AOTC and mythic progression.
Contact: Btag-
GM- Annuit#11193
Assist GM- Sweetvirgo75#1313