Returned player LF guild


Hey guys,

Recently came back to the game after stopping shortly after BFA hit.
I haven’t been part of a real community or guild since Cataclysm, and found my previous server although high in population, was very isolating.
Server transferred back to my original server in hopes of nostalgia but have not had any luck in finding a guild.
I was accustomed to just a quick pop to a main city and seeing trade chat filled with all types of guilds recruiting. But I literally can’t find a single one.
I’ve posted looking in all channels, I’ve maxed out my guild requests from the panel and still no responses, or even any random invites!

I’ve gotten from 340 ilvl to almost 400 in just a few days, and would love to start getting into some mythics or casual raiding, but when your asking and asking and nobody even responds It’s starting to feel like a lost cause on this server.


Contact someone in Rockridge. We are a fun guild but do not do any raiding and little dungeoning. We are social and helpful…

(Maskedman) #3

This is my main. I am not sure why Burgekov showed up.