Return to Cenarion circle RP Scene - Need friends!

Okay so I used to be VERY active on Cenarion circle up until Cata, then quit WoW for a long time. I’ve been messing around in retail just a bit the last few years without a whole lot of interest.

I would LOVE to find a few people to RP with - I used to do it a lot, but not “officially” and before RP addons were a thing. I’m open to most types of RP and am currently considering playing my BE hunter again, who has a good backstory idea.

I just can’t seem to find people in game to play with. Anyone want to chat and maybe RP a bit in game? I’ll be looking at the RP guilds shortly as well.


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Hello Välyn!

I don’t do much roleplay anymore (was always more interested in “slice of life” RP) but I’m happy to chitchat or help out if you need help with something.

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Here, smell my paw. Seriously. Smell it. I have no idea what that murky business is in the bottom of this Cartel So Dumpster but it smells like sadness and mana. For some reason I expected better of the cartel, or at least the better part of a fairly fresh apple fritter.

Were you saying something about RP? That sounds like something I’d enjoy when I’m not stabbing things and skinning them whilst still alive. Do you ever do that? Sometimes I forget that it’s easier to exsanguinate things first. Anyhow. Mozi K. here. The K stands for nothing. If you’re ever looking for someone to drool inappropriately over dead things and streusel and don’t mind the fact that my chateau is a cardbox box (I prefer the term Tiny Home, it’s much more in fashion), do hit me up for all sorts of shenanigans. My mother says I have the softest fur when it’s clean. I am rarely clean.

I’m in the same boat. I played on CC a ton from Vanilla until Legion. Then moved to alts. But now I’m back on my Vanilla toon and looking to make new friends/find a scene to get back into.

I’m so not used to seeing Stormwind so empty still.