[Retail][Grinds] Exploit Early, Exploit Often

Did you enjoy stuff like the mage tower? I really miss the Challenge dungeons from Mists of Pandaria a lot. Can you give some examples of open world Content that you would like to see?

Yeah, I did, but even those had the problem that you have done them once, and it was a clear-cut. It is good having them in a patch, but they never should be the main focus of a patch and be the thing that keep a player engaged with the game.

There are currently no examples in the game. Just a quick stone that I throw in a lake of ideas:

  • Update Superbloom as an activity over the duration of a patch - add new tasks and rewards as the story and zone progresses
  • Reflect what Fyrakk is doing in the zone having the invasion progress towards the tree having little quests tied to them as updates, maybe a short new activity (similar to the building of the Argentum tournament in WOTLK where you assisted them building the Colosseum.) This could be like to prevent the flames from spreading, f.e. that rewards you with a currency for some little cosmetics you can acquire from it but is still possible to earn from newer (activities).
  • Update the Renown on a regular pace with new renown levels (like 8 weeks into a patch, so nobody feels hectic about getting it to max) - f.e. introduce some upgrade item for the augmentation rune that gives you additional 5 Stats and other cosmetics. This way the whole dreamseed mechanic last longer and ppl kept doing it the whole patch.

TL:DR Don’t let the world feel like a static image that doesn’t change till a new patch is out.

A quick example with the valley of eternal blossom

Before sha corruption :

After Corruption :


That’s a really good take, nice feedback.

I seriously do not understand when people say “There is nothing to do”

Im not sure there is any other game in the world where there is more to do, except perhaps sandbox games

just using quests as an example, (its what I know best)
rounding to a roundish number there is around 20,000 one time quests currently

using dataforazeroth stats as an example, there is over 1.1 million accounts being tracked, only about 72,300 of those (across all characters) have completed 10,000 (about half), and 5,200 have completed 15k, (about 75%)

for a vast majority or people, at any given time there is thousands of quests they have never completed on any character that they could go play, and this is excluding quests you can play more than once,

And thats just quests, there are lots of other activities as well,

so saying “there is nothing to do” is nearly an impossible statement?

Totally get what you’re implying here - so when ppl say “there is nothing to do” they refer mostly to the new zone, which is true as it is currently as this content is meant to be lasting till a new patch comes out. You may have old stories and zones offering content, but that is not what everyone enjoys, it would also break some of the immersion of the storytelling going back to cata zones just to have something to do.

He meant the new zone, like when you complete all the main quests/sidequests other than worlds quests and the weekly events aside from the seed farming/rare farming he desires more. For me personally it’s just fine because I jump on alts etc and when Mythic + comes out and the raid ill be even more happy. But everybody has a right to an opinion and to provide feedback based on how they feel.

I always hated it when I was a kid, and I told my mom I was bored, she said ‘‘Well, you could do the dishes, clean up the garden, and do more homework, that way you won’t be bored anymore.’’

I was told elsewhere that when people say “There is nothing to do” they mean “there is nothing to do that I like”

Im not trying say their opinion is bad zeropulse, I just meant, the statement there is nothing to do can’t really be true in WoW :confused:

I very much do not understand only playing the most current patch content, I think not being able to see that view is heavily weighing on my perspective here

You could get this helmet from the treasure achievement in ED, it apparently got changed to the Dream On achievement, which requires renown 20 with the Dream Warden… Why change it???

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I wish they would have at least implemented a “Warning” system alongwith this rather… obtuse… hotfix for one of the staple things implemented within this patch.

A warning stating that I’ve already surpassed 5 seeds this week, and if I contribute a seed it’ll be for nothing and I should just save it for next week when it’ll get the full reward. Nothing feels better than utilizing an “Epic” seed to only get 5 whole reputation. like thanks, wasted a weekly lockout thing… for 5 reputation.

This hotfix is quickly becoming another Zaralek cavern hotfix, turning the brand new zone into a ghost town.