[Retail] [PVP] Lessons Learned From Dragonflight

Now that The War Within is announced, I wanted to provide feedback regarding arenas and PvP as a whole as we move into the next chapter of WoW.

Gearing, Deflation, LFG

The removal of the Great Vault for PvP raises significant concerns. Beyond the weekly opportunity to obtain a free piece of gear, these items also had the potential to include bonus stats like leech or speed, rewarding players for their commitment. Additionally, it provided a great source for sockets. The honor cap of 5,000 in rated content incentivized arena participation. Without the Great Vault, arena participation may decline further, exacerbating the already noticeable deflation issue. This reduction in participation makes it harder to earn rewards due to the rating system’s reliance on player engagement. An overhaul of the rated arenas system seems necessary, with many players suggesting a tiered league system (e.g., gold, silver, platinum) that could replace the current number-based system. LFG could also use a nice UI overhaul, and Evokers still don’t have a dedicated icon in LFG, it is randomized, or just shows the DPS sword symbol. We are still seeing PVE items sneak their way into PVP and want to highlight that we appreciate the team making changes as necessary like we just saw with the PVE rings from Vault of the Incarnates.


Solo Shuffle has become popular, but it needs more incentives. A suitable reward for Legend, besides the title, could be a recolor of the Gladiator mount or an equivalent reward. Additionally, introducing titles, mounts, and transmogs for 2v2 or rated battleground milestones would be welcomed by many players and would create more player engagement.

Map Pools

Map pools are typically reserved for professional play, as seen in games like Valorant. Regular players, who constitute over 99% of the player base, should not have maps removed from regular ladder content. This feels unfair, especially for paying subscribers. It would be beneficial to include all maps in Solo Shuffle, except for Blade’s Edge Arena, which we all prefer to see permanently removed.

Solo Shuffle Rating Changes

MMR still has a disproportionate influence on rating changes. Recently, I won 4 out of 6 rounds and gained 0 rating because the other players were all -200 CR and MMR below me. Despite the game reporting a “VICTORY,” no points were awarded, highlighting a need for improvement in this area.

Healer Incentive

While the Battle Mender title, conquest gains, and drop boxes are nice, adding a mount or exclusive transmog rewards for healers would further incentivize players to queue as healers. Queue times are still excessively long, especially at higher CR levels.

Lessons from Plunderstorm

Plunderstorm’s success shows that the player base loves PvP with a low barrier to entry. Arena has a high barrier due to gearing, addons, and the time commitment required for rewards. Simplifying the game, as seen in Legion, should be considered. Currently, the game’s complexity—with numerous buttons, modifiers, and factors—makes arena play manageable only for very dedicated players.

Introduction of Clash-like Events

Introducing a Clash-like event similar to League of Legends on certain weekends could greatly benefit the PvP community. Offering rewards such as transmogs, toys, and possibly mounts would create additional excitement and engagement. These events could provide a fun, competitive environment with unique rewards, drawing in more players and fostering a vibrant PvP scene. Personally, I believe this could replace the current “Brawls” or complement them.

I hope this feedback helps improve our PvP experience in The War Within. Thank you for your time.

  • Kinndy