Ret Paladin Deserves Slight Buff

Thank you for the input and clarity.

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That’s fine. Not everyone cares about min/maxxing a 20 year old game made for children.

Why reroll? Do you not enjoy the class?

Topping an irrelevant meter is not the only thing in wow.

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That is not what they said, but at least one ret is viable for raiding.
Did you want to stack 4-5 rets?

So many harsh words in here

Please be nice and kind to each other!


A very unique response. Did it take you long to think it up?

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Since when is being balanced around a tier set that is only available at the end of the game “authentic”? This version of ret has never exist before and it’s a perfect example of why the classic dev’s strategy of always being on final patch is just lazy and serves no purpose other than to save their own time. Since when do we have “stellar” utility? Dsac is provided by the other two specs and 99% of our buffs/debuffs are provided by better specs in a 25man setting. We bring absolutely nothing but damage and even if you were to calculate the difference using our “utility” ( if we somehow didn’t have the other specs in the raid ) it wouldn’t even be close to making up a meaningful difference. Almost every single raid has a prot paladin. Almost every single raid has a holy paladin and that’s literally all they need to cover the important blessings.

Also why does a class’ performance matter when we are talking about specs? A DPS player is not just going to suddenly start tanking or healing, they will just play another class entirely.


That is how Classic was conceived in 2019.

Buff hunters.


Or weaker, in this case.

It certainly is the implication, if they use the viability of Prot and Holy to justify keeping Ret in an unviable state.

There won’t be much reason to bring them when they have irrelevant damage and no unique utility that can’t be brought by better performing classes.



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them using “class” to defend themselves was blizz’s cop out…so should we go DPS in holy or prot? might do more dmg now that hammer for fixed :roll_eyes:


So… Shaman?

Edit to laugh at the idea that there are actually moderators on the classic forums…


bloodlust will always find a home and Enhancements are pumping right now must be good enough in blizzards pov.

Rsham is in a terrible state but the other 2 specs are fine.

The entire ret discord is about to come in here.

It’s having a massive meltdown from the audacity of blizzards ineptitude


Guess nerfing DK is the only option then… oh wait, that’s not gonna happen either, is it?



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