Ret or Holy in pve

I can’t decide between ret or holy, I like the way both specs play. I know they are different roles. My main focus will be mythic+s, with maybe some forays into normal raiding. I was originally thinking of doing ret with solo, world content, with holy as a off spec for group, but i figured that will be difficult due to different stat priorities and weapons, 2h and 1h and shield.

Holy, ret average dps, probably won’t get many spots

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Was impossible to get into +10 and higher as Ret, went Holy and pretty consistently get into groups now.

Dps are a dime a dozen

Tanks are expendable

But healers are worth their weight in gold

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Quick OP, change to male Draenei and profit


Yeah, I’m a casual player and I wait forever for LFR. Since you are wanting to do M10+, it would be best to go Holy. And yes, ret’s dps is less than mediocre in comparison to most classes these days. Because of that, I’m making myself more of a support class with my heals. So i’ll throw out some WOG when I see a player on deaths door step during a damage heavy portion of a boss fight.

How is holy pally during open world/solo content? I remember playing holy priest in legion and hated doing open world/solo as it was boring and took forever to down stuff. I understand it won’t be like a dps.

Hpal DMG is really high, so you’ll be good. Holy Priest on the other hand can’t compare to an HPal.

How is torghast as a holy pally?

I think Ret is better in Torghast than Holy, but I haven’t done it as Holy yet. The reason I say this is because Ret has an interrupt on a short cd. That can make a huge difference on some bosses.

You can always dual spec too. Just need to swap weapons/shield and trinkets. If you care about secondary stats, then can try to build separate sets too. I usually don’t care and just keep the highest iLevel and use that for all specs.


Also, my comment above is meant for solo Torghast. If you group up for Torghast, then whatever complements your group. Likely, Holy might see more usage in Torghast groups, just because no one likes to heal and you get stuck with it. Lol

Holy for sure. Also, as far as Holy in Torghast go - never played it, I always run it as Prot each week but probably will stop now that I’ve upgraded both spec’s legendaries to their max level (have no desire to make a Ret one or PvP ones). Also, Holy is melee based now, you’'ll be in the fight crusader striking until your hearts content (or holy power, whichever…)

…just be warned, holy playstyle is much different than it used to be in previous expansions (haven’t played my Paladin seriously since probably Cata and came back to an entirely different playstyle which took some getting used to).

Both are fun! In Shadowlands they both got positive changes. It really just comes down to if you want to DPS or Heal. Healers are less numerous so if you’re interested in joining groups faster go Holy.

Holy does great in Torghast and general solo content as they do good DPS. So does Ret, but I felt a lot more tanky as Holy due to being able to heal constantly.

Ret will do more DPS especially during burst cool downs so if that sounds fun to you go Ret. For me, Ret is also a lot more laid back in terms of difficulty.

To me, Holy is more challenging because you have both the challenges of melee range attack mechanics AND healing. This can be more exciting/terrifying if there’s a lot going on at once.

Hope this helps!

I gotten into some 11 and 12’s. They fell apart (someone leaving) but I got in

I started out as ret as i was ret in BfA, so I don’t have a shield and one hand. What’s the easiest/fastest way to get those?

There are up to iLvl 190 for both available from the auction house, otherwise you’ll see them available from normal sources: world quests, m+, pvp, and raid.

You go into any class sub and they all say the same thing about their own. Ret is perfectly fine


Yes Ret is perfectly fine in PvE…
After the last round of PvE buffs you can sort warcraft logs for the last day. It’s a small sample but still includes hundreds of thousands of logs. Ret is the worst melee DPS spec in the game… If you sort by item level survival hunter overtakes Ret. I agree with you that we tend to complain about our classes. However Logs are objective data, I’m not saying the sky is falling, Ret isn’t a total meme as it once was but Ret isn’t in a great spot.

Ret is officially one of the lowest DPS specs in the game, arcane mage level of DPS isn’t fine. Bottom of the barrel is fine apparently? Our representation in M+ is low as well, at least we have enhance beat there… I’m top 300 alliance Ret NA after transferring and I don’t even have the M+ mount yet. Why is it that the top mage is like 2700, and the top Ret is around 2100-2200?

Being 10-15% behind the meta DPS classes while bringing nothing to the raid as a holy paladin is likely present makes Ret undesirable in an already less than melee friendly tier. I was happy with Ret being middle of the pack as we were for the first few months. Now we are slipping further and further behind, our single target is garbo level the only reason we are beating arcane is Sunking and a few other cleave encounters.

I’m fine with other classes doing more damage. I do not believe a gap of 8-12 item levels is good game design. I shouldn’t be required to have mythic on farm to compete with a meta class in heroic gear. Especially when you consider a Ret is less likely to get invited to mythic or any of the content required to get to that point than those same meta classes.

I’m totally fine being bottom of the barrel if the top of the barrel is 3-5% damage wise ahead, not 15-25% behind the meta single target. It’s to far apart atm.