THATS not right at all, they are Over Nerfing them into the ground…

its wrong to do that to them.

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They will stop queing

I played one after nerf it wasnt too bad.

Didn’t play myself yet but according to other people Ret still seems very strong.

I don’t want to go back to this.

Means almost nothing, just went from broken to way over tuned, just got one shot by a ret for 243k in a single final verdict… They also don’t take damage and have all the same utility. Game was good until last Tue patch.

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Yeah, cause the crying is definitely going to stop. You people always find something else to moan about .

You would make bubble gum a controversy


ret is still S tier ur clueless beyond all belief


Big League Chew is good but I feel like the quality over time has dropped off.


punts gnome

Ah, a Bazooka Bubble Gum fan. I see you.

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No one cares what ret players want.

It’s not that deep, it’s pixels.

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Buddy. Literally no one cares what a ret player wants.

So this is how MLK felt.


What nonsense is this? I named a characteristic that people choose to be. Not something that you’re born with and can’t change.

Learn the difference, it’ll do you some good to know. Ret player.

Still have yet to see the details for this, FV is not hitting for 240k nice try though.

2:20 central time and i can say that my jv is def still hitting for 250k+ almost every round. ret main and i think we still need nerfs. just tune the dmg a bit more

that was two months ago… what about now? (Retribution Paladins currently have on the lowest deaths rates) stop trying so hard you gonna get nerf to the ground just wait for tuesday more nerfs incoming