Ret Emergency Hotfix

name one other time this expac that another spec was so overpowered that it far eclipsed the representation of every other spec in the game to the point where you can see 3 of them in a single shuffle when a system is in place to better prevent such a thing.

i’ll wait.

there will always be fotm’s due to how easy gearing is, but only now has it reached this severity. how about you stop to think why that is. expac has been out for like 4 months, why is it suddenly a problem when we’ve had like 20 diff metas.


Gosh you’re right, they really need to look at who they pick as community members. This person is delusional and needs mental help not a council spot.

Well I guess it’s back to DH and BM it was fun for a week. Good ole blizz, buff a class so it’s fun then nerf it into the ground so it’s not. It’s almost like they don’t play the game they make or something. Just stRe at spreadsheets all day.


not enough, once again shows how clueless they are

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Alot of clueless people here too. That 3% is accounting for all multipliers as well so its more like a 15-20% nerf


The hotfix says:

Which sounds like they take whatever damage you would have done for each attack and reduce that number by 3%. So, your total damage goes down by 3%.

If your total damage went down by 15-20%, that would be a huge deal.

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Well I remember WoD frost dk, and that lasted the entire xpac.

Remember at the start of DF when enhance shams were top for like 2 days and immediately got hit with a 25% overall damage nerf? I wonder why they don’t just do that again…to the shamans of course because ret obviously isn’t an issue and only needed 3%.

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Because we shamans have teeth.

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I was gonna say…



They nerfed pally at the last second before it goes live, nerf 5hem again and again and didnt even really help them in the long run. I dont know about battle grounds but ret is so screwed its not even funny. They wasted all that time in the rework for nothing.

So regret changing mains for DF unsubbing looks good now. Plus the bad gearing aystem coming out. And this is after 18 years of playing. Use to feel bad with them only getting 58% of their bonuses but now, i dont care. In fact, hope they lose more until they get people making the game that understand how to make one.

delusional if you think wod frost dk is remotely close to current ret. and i would know.

i mained RESTO SHAMAN that expansion and my proudest moment that expac is surviving a multi glad DK W keying me with the warrior he was boosting

I mean it was comparable. You had an answer for every situation + non-neutered death strike + death siphon. You could 1v5 people as a frost dk in wod.

still doing 20k+ dps more than any class in arenas consistently, 3% really helped huh

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Frost mages, for Cata,
Rogues for All of vanilla and a large portion of shadowlands.
Dks and rets for WOTLK
Warlocks for MOP
DH for Legion
There have been a lot of classes/specs that have been over the top.

There have been a lot of classes that have been way over the top. Difference is is prior to WOD we didn’t have the instant level boost and gearing took weeks, so rerolling to another spec wasn’t so easy.

They need to nerf avenging wrath and make it 2 min cool down again, along with some damage reduction to account for the multipliers we recieved with the rework.

Our sustain damage and survivability was greatly increased but for some reason blizzard buffed our burst further with low CD and increased duration. With aura of reckoning you can guarentee that our burst will be up for almost 50% of the fight.

it simply was not because wod gearing was even easier than it was now and i dont recall chain fighting nothing, but frost dks. there was way more variety.

That’s because class design from what I remember was better.

You cant take any CC member serious.

It’s funny that they think they are just “slightly” overtuned.