Resurgent 3v3 League


From the same people who brought you over 14 consecutive weeks of 3v3 tournaments in 2018. From the producers of The Gosu Cup 3v3 tournament on Dec. 15th 2018.

Resurgent Esports Broadcasting is pleased to announce the 2019:

Kings of the Hollow 3v3 Arena League

What you need to know:

  • You may #soloqueue and come by yourself, or bring a team. All you have to do is join our discord Monday nights at 6:45 pm EST.
  • Players will be competing every Monday night at 7pm EST.
  • Awarded 3 points per victory. The points earned will accumulate each week, and at the end of Season 1 the top point earners will be invited to a tournament with prizing ( prizes depend on the support we receive throughout Season 1)
  • Players can check their own points, and everyone else out on the Leader board which will be posted on our website and Discord.

resurgentesb dot com KKh8BfK
Twitter @resurgentesb
Instagram @resurgentesb


Lets DO IT!


Lets get excited!


Super looking forward to more of this!! We need casters tho! Tell your friends!! such a great opportunity to build a casting profile and start an esports career!

(Shwergen) #5

You guys rock!


Excited for this years WoW esports scene! Looks to be an amazing year! See you guys on Monday! <3


the Kick off to Season 2 was great!!


Love all the community PvP events lately, keep it up guys.


Week 3 begins now! Also check out the live updated Season 2 League standings at resurgentesb dot com/standings