Resurgence, No Queues to join. No 2hr wait times

(Drvoodoo) #1
Resurgence, Horde Barth. 7/8H 1/8M Currently raiding Wed, Thurs, Sun 7pm SVT till 10pm.

We are looking for more DPS and Heals, who are looking to continue in our progression through this expac.

We are a fun yet focused group who like to enjoy our raid nights with some banter, laughs and a fun attitude while effectively attacking the bosses.

All classes considered as we prepare to kill bosses in Mythic. All Raiders must have

A working Mic,
Gemmed and enchanted gear,
Food, Flasks, Pots to last the entire night. You must have abasic undersdtanding of the fights for progression. A dedicated attitude to progression raiding, enduring wipes and the almost kills as they come.

We run keys together to make sure we get out +10 each week.

If this sounds like a guild that you can fit in with hit me or any of our other officers up in game.
Btag Evilc#1288

(Imexotic) #2
keen to chat

(Drvoodoo) #3

(Drvoodoo) #4
Come say hello

(Meltheone) #5
Range dps hit us up!!

(Drvoodoo) #6
Hmmm finding range dps is like finding a 4 leaf clover.

(Felmelder) #7
also recruiting people for our heroic group, show talent and get a trial for our mythic proggression team

(Drvoodoo) #8
Wednesday night, first night of the week for raiding. Come say hello

(Meltheone) #9
Range dps come at us please

(Drvoodoo) #10
so there are no range dps in here?

(Meltheone) #11
Range dps don't exist

(Drvoodoo) #12
Range dps? I've heard of them...... but it may have been a fable.

(Drvoodoo) #13
the search contnues.

(Meltheone) #14
still looking

(Drvoodoo) #15
Raid spots still open....

(Drvoodoo) #16
Do I need to bring out cookies to get raiders in?

(Bodies) #17
Hey Boiz hows it going,

I have just come back from a break and I am looking to get back into raiding on my warlock, been a mythic raider for the last 2 expansions

if you wanna have a chat hit me up


(Drvoodoo) #18
more spots to go, lets get into it

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so if this post is at the top, who reads it?


So if one “bumps” a post, does this then mean it is moved to the top? lol