Restoration Shaman spec bonuses

season 2 for pure fun! this season sucks for mana and i feel like a less good resto druid with s3 tier

Only for raiders. In M+ and PVP that healing rain was not hitting more than 1 or 2 people.

Also, the 2 tier set is useless since healing rain is used on cooldown so the extra healing is wasted


But in m+ you are already hitting healing rain constantly due to acid rain.

And healing rain hitting people has nothing to do with the tier set bonus.

How is the “extra healing” wasted? It gives healing and a healing buff.


This is a horrible idea. S1 and S2 set bonuses were absolutely garbage for Rsham in PvP…so much in fact that people didn’t even wear tier, and rather just used crafted gear. Polling so far seems unlikely that S3 will be chosen, which is the only set bonuses even viable to be used in PvP. So what about us PvP’ers???


Its hilarious seeing the amount of misinformation about the s2 tier set. Tidewaters (the 2p bonus) healed anyone with riptide when you cast healing rain even if they WEREN’T in the healing rain. The 2p bonus did not only heal people in it, the condition was just having riptide on the target. They buffed the tidewaters value so much it was grossly overtuned in keys doing 8%+ of your overall healing very easily.

Not to mention that if you are casting rain and riptide regularly (you should be) it added so much passive healing it enabled you to spend more time pressing DPS globals instead of healing globals. The s2 tierset was also the best DPS tier set for that reason. And that is only the 2p.

Also if you are voting for gameplay reasons the s2 set is what you vote for, the 4p bonus is what enabled no chain heal playstyles to compete with chain heal ones that multiple high rated m+/r1 logs were using for rsham last tier.


Season 1 tier was good but way too boring, Season 3 tried something new but it hilariously got outclassed in harder content by the old way healing which hurt the 2 piece bonus.

Season 2 is easily the best.


thank you. was real confused about “but no one stands in it!”. i was pretty sure that wasn’t how the bonus worked and was srsly questioning my memory.

IMO the class fantasy of the Resto Shaman is “Battle healer”. I’ve been disappointed for two seasons in a row that our set contributed ZERO to damage. Season 1 is the only option for me. I don’t really care if it’s the weakest for healing throughput.


Season 2 is clearly the best for M+

Season 1 is +crit chance; with the end of expansion scaling, more critical chance is not nothing, but it’s not the best. I can definitely see the arguments for it’s effect for offensive contributions and PvP content though.

Season 3 is okay, but also the slow trickle of okay that got run over by everything and everyone else.

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With mana constraints being an issue now, Season 1 is the clear winner and likely more output for most players in most content.


It’s frustrating that people that don’t play the spec in m+ are trying to claim which set was good in m+. Season 2 set was hot garbage in raid because the people you’re riptide are more likely to be overhealed by tidewaters and in m+ it was all overhealing too because everyone had to be topped all the time and tidewaters from a healing rain was just not a reliable way to do that.

I get that season 1 had no play but I’d take literally any past tier bonus over season 2. It was so so bad.


This is an insane thing to say. S2 did next to nothing meaningful in m+. S1 buffed healing and damage in a reliable and impactful way.


yes, lets make rsham unplayable in pvp by voting for the two worst ones. And besides, the season 1 set bonus is bugged for shaman :slight_smile:

I played the spec in m+. The s2 set bonus was the best set by far for keys and it is not even close. That sentiment is also shared by laren (another person who plays rsham in keys).

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To the people not concerned about the necessity of people stacking and staying in Healing Rain to optimize s2 set bonus. You’re crazy to put your healing in the hands of others even more than it is already. More crit from s1 set bonus means more mana. I already only cast Healing rain like 75% of the time because often people aren’t stacked tight enough to justify the mana cost. Don’t make it a requirement to have 100% uptime. I’m gonna freak out at people not stacking.


Hello! I have pushed on resto shaman almost every season since it was introduced and I am surprised that you feel this way. Even with the overhealing potential of the 2p, it was still a significant amount of my healing and even topped healing on most of the rot bosses.

Easy vote for S2 tier for me given that it was not only the most interactive (in a way that is fun, not miserable @S3 tier), and also strong output wise.

Important to note that you did not have to be in healing rain for tidewaters to heal you. It healed anyone with riptide, even those out in range.

Combine all 3 tier sets into a 6 piece bonus.

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Unironically, let’s repeat this every 3 posts for marketing purposes. I can’t believe so many people don’t know this.

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I feel like resto has a great base kit against Rot damage. Probably the best in the game, right up there with RDruid. In M+ healer damage is a huge factor in their value.

Also the S1-4p Set bonus will be more valuable in season 4 because with scaling you’ll have way higher crit chance %. So getting a Crit-damage boost is going to be even better than it was in season 1. There’s a reason that all damage builds in diablo 3 use Emeralds in the weapon socket.