Resto Shaman Looking For New Server/Guild

So two parter; question about servers and guild recruitment, and then statement about what I do in regards to people doing guild recruiting!

First, with classic released and revitalizing my love of the game, I decided to come back and upkeep with the live version again on BFA. Most of my friends quit a long while ago when the Expansion launched and my previous guild essentially died in the raiding life on Earthen Ring. I am currently on Tichondrius again, but the time zone being 4 hours behind in realm time really hinders my ability to find a raiding guild that runs at times I’m active. I’m looking for an east-coast timezone server as it’s only an hour behind in realm time for me and will likely make raiding easier with my work schedule, and have essentially narrowed it down to Area 52, Thrall, Zul’Jin, and Bleeding Hollow. I’m looking for insight and pros/cons to playing any of those servers over the other, so far interested in area52 the most as it has the largest horde population on Realmpop i’ve seen so far.

Second, if your guild is on one of these servers and hasn’t had it’s raid nights impacted by the release of classic wow (I know a lot of people are playing, but I Intend to be playing both classic and live, live much more often), I’m looking for a fairly active guild to join. I play fairly casually but do go pretty hard when it comes to raiding, so a friendly guild with a desire to make progress is great to me, after all if the environment isn’t fun in progression what’s the point in playing, right? I Don’t PVP often, most of my focus is on PVE Content so Mythic+, raiding at least heroics, or higher if i’m geared enough once I catch up etc. I’m a healer main in general, playing Resto Shaman as my actual main toon more than any other healer, and I am free every night nearly every day of the week after 9-10pm Atlantic Daylight Time, or simply after 8-9pm east coast servers I listed realm time, so a guild that has raid times anytime at or after that time is ideal. So if your guild is recruiting and eventually needs a healer player, especially a shaman, in the near future at all, definitely let me know!

On area 52 guild hasnt been hurt by Classic just friends looking to raid and have fun

Nocturnal Sun on Area52 has a newly forming team recruiting for AotC, we will do mythic once AotC is done. Looking for raiders committed to personal improvement, as well as contributing to a fun team environment. We also take social apps for those not wanting to commit to raiding!

Raid times:
-Sat & Sun 8:00pm – 11:00pm EST

Team Goals:
-AoTC & Mythic Progression at our pace. As we are not in any sort of race mythic progression will be done at a pace that feels comfortable to the team once we reach our goal of AotC.

Team Needs:
High priority to healers or dps with heal off spec, high need for melee classes though DPS of all kinds please contact Jess, exceptional dps will always be considered!

Requirements – Min ilvl of 400 and min neck level of 50 for normal clears, basic knowledge of fights.

About Nocturnal Sun:
-We are a new team; however, a number of the players have raided together before and were 6/8H before this change was made.

  • We are an adult guild, if the occasional joking with each other and swearing bother you then we aren’t the guild for you!
    -We consider the enjoyment of the game and loyalty more important then your parse!

Team Expectations:
-We expect all raiders to hold themselves accountable, take ownership of your mistakes and learn from them. Help is always available if you aren’t understanding something or need clarification.
-We expect each team member to come prepared knowing the strategies for each boss before entering raid by looking at strat/kill videos/warcraftlogs replays.
-We expect all raiders to be able to take constructive criticism well so they can look into their own logs/wowanalyzer to improve their gameplay wherever it is needed.
-We expect raiders to have appropriate addons installed and updated before raid; we use Angry Assignments, GTFO and Weak Auras - this is not optional.

To apply contact:
-Jesseika#11484 (Discord Jesseika#6725) Jessieka
-Shadowiz128#1805 (Discord Shadowiz#3133) Shadowiz
Or fill out an app here

Thanks! I’ll definitely look into that, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Hello, we are recruiting:

Lint Roll My Carpet | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1:00am-3:30am CST