Resto Shaman LFG

Newly returned into game and looking for an active guild for raiding and mythic. I play daily and am currently around ilvl 196. Know most fights mythic and CN


Hi Shamazingone! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Welcome back!

We could use a good resto shaman!

We’re Comraich, an Alliance guild on the Dawnbringer cluster (Azuremyst, Dawnbringer, Madoran and Staghelm realms). Comraich is Scots Gaelic for “sanctuary” and that’s who we are. Diverse, inclusive, a little weird, but definitely fun and active. We’re a newer guild with experienced leadership and we went AOTC in our first tier of raiding which was Nyalotha. We’re currently 6/10H in CN.

Heroic CN: T/Th 8:30-10:30 pm Central
Normal CN: Monday 8:30-10:30 pm Central

Keys, old raids, Twisting Corridors, leveling alts - all that is usually spontaneous.

Btag: Mizmac#1505
Discord: Mceuan#9150

We are currently Recruiting the Following Roles
Ranged DPS

Alpha is an Alliance raiding guild on Stormrage-US looking for dedicated members to fill out our raiding team to progress through Castle Nathria. We’re looking to recruit any exceptional players (especially Healers) for progression raiding.

We were late starting this tier due to a lack of raiders but now we are started we are progressing well. We are currently Heroic 3/10 and expect to be AOTC in the next month.

What We Need and Expectations

We are looking for mature players that have previous raid experience who are committed to raid two nights a week. We plan to complete AOTC as soon as possible when we can fill our needed spots. We are currently missing a few important raid spots to round out our raid team.

Raid Nights are Friday / Saturday 2030-2330 Server time.

We are currently progression raiding only Saturday due to our raid composition and are using Friday for applicants / alts / gearing.

The main requirement is that you are expected to be available at these times within reason and are working to keep your main in raid ready shape. Shadowlands has several systems that you will need to be keeping on top of in order to be optimal.

Our expectations for raiding in Shadowlands are;

· Must be iLVL 200+
· Must have optimized your soulbinds/conduits.
· Must come to raid with a basic understanding of all the raid encounters for the current tier.

*** We are willing to teach / gear the right applicants ***

For the good of the progression at times members will need to sit a specific encounter. We will get everyone in for all kills eventually; being a team spirited and understanding player is important in raiding progression.

We expect everyone to keep their main lockouts for us.

About the Guild

We are an active and friendly guild that is willing to help new and old players alike. We foster a positive and drama free atmosphere and have low tolerance for anything else. Many of our players have been around since Vanilla and are willing to help with all aspects of the game. contact;

Sylvysa in game

Hey there!

I’m from we’re a progressive raiding guild, that also runs M+s.

We also do time walking, mount/mog runs, and other group content!

Our raid days are Fri/Sat 8 PM EST.

If you’re interested here is our forum post: [H] Progressive Raiding(Fri/Sun 8 PM EST). Community Focused

You can also add me on:

Bnet: Purple86#1959
Discord: Purple_86#9819

Hi, Shamazingone!

We are in need of a resto shaman! Goblin Mafia is a Horde guild if you might be interested in changing factions. We raid on Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30pm EST and are 3/10M at the moment. We also have a heroic raid on Sat for alts and mains who can’t raid during the week. We run keys as a guild on Friday nights and also throughout the week. If you would like to know more you shoot me a friend request-
bnet: Ally#1206
discord: Ally#2075