Resto Question - HoTs weak?

I’m level 65 healing through random dungeon queues, and I can’t help but notice that HoTs feel super weak. I’m at ilvl 280 and my Rejuv / Lifebloom are ticking for ~900-1000. Everyone in the group has 120k+ HP. That’s less than 1% healing per HoT tick.

I realize the game isn’t balanced around level 65 quest greens, but holy cow this feels pretty strange. Does it get better later on? Is our Rejuv gonna be ticking for ~2k when tanks have 400k HP?

Maybe your gear is too low. ~280 was Shadowlands season 3 level

The drops I’m getting in these dungeons are ilvl 260-ish, so I’m actually above ilvl for the content.

How many hots do you have on people?

I typically have Rejuv + Lifebloom on the tank, Efflorescence down, Wild Growth on melee if needed. My concern is that each individual HoT is doing such a small amount of healing. Rejuv doing 900 per tick on someone with 130k HP is basically nothing. I’m curious if our HoTs become more powerful at 70 and beyond.

Efforescence/ground targeted aoe heal + regrowth is your real bread and butter. Efforescence ticks stronger than rejuv/regrowth and hits more targets at once (if you spec for it). Regrowth is flash heal rejuve is supplemental to boost mastery values.

But yeah i’m in a similar boat gear wise and feel rejuve is pretty weak. I don’t feel ineffective yet though.

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Are you seriously asking if hots scale better once u get end game gear?

Obviously the healing numbers will go up, but so will health pools. If you actually read the thread, I’m asking if Rejuv / Lifebloom ticks remain weak (healing ~0.5% health per tick on their target) in endgame gear.


i’m not very familiar with resto but yeah i agree, doesn’t feel like i can answer bursty damage very well outside of flourish

I don’t know about pve but pvp wise hots heal 10 times more than in previous expansions. Feels like burning crusade monster lifebloom all over again.

I’m a little higher ilvl than you (~295) and I’m not really having any issues keeping folks alive in that range. HoTs have always ticked more slowly (I change my details name to “Get Well Soon” for a reason :D) but you have some options.

Biggest one for me is having Soul of the Forest. It makes WG a good bit stronger, or a single target rejuv, or a single target regrowth. A lot of my burst healing in general comes from Swiftmend and SotF just boosts that up. I never WG w/o a SotF first.

Another big emergency button for me is Convoke, spec’d to be a 1min CD. Flourish is also good response on a 1.5 min CD if you set it up correctly.

Ultimately though, dps shouldn’t be taking that much damage so I tend to just use WG and mushroom, along with spot rejuvs to keep the alive. I also run DT/Photo so I keep LB up on the tank for the blooms and myself for the 20% HoT speed. If that helps :slight_smile:


Great feedback, thank you Tubbly.


that is very helpful thank you for the response!


Honestly best thing I can suggest is to not be afraid to pop tranq/convoke/flourish on trash. Obviously best to time it so when you get to the boss it is available but there have been a lot of moments where I use my cooldowns during trash and it makes it immensely easier. Though like I said, time it correctly, so they will be available when you get to the boss. Don’t be afraid to go all out during trash pulls because at least right now some of the trash pulls are harder than the bosses.

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When you really start getting gear and getting the haste you need then your HOTS will start to feel a lot better.

Resto has always felt a bit painful with low levels of haste.


This tbh. Dropping haste off my gear hurt so bad I almost cried lol. Feels like I’m casting at 50% speed compared to the end of SL. At first I kept missing getting casts off because I was used to being able to press buttons faster than this. :weary:

Haha ya I went from like 33% to 5% at one point. Felt so bad.