Resto Druid or Marks Hunter

Happy New Year.

I’ve raided off and on since Burning Crusade, including mythic. Due to real life priorities I can’t consistently raid more than once a week, ideally Monday nights after 7 PST. I’m open to any raiding normal or heroic content and being on an alt team. I also like to run mythic keys. I’m a former Keystone Master.

I’m seeking a chill and supportive guild to enjoy all facets of the game.

I currently have a resto druid and marksmanship hunter. I’m open to playing either toon. I have a friend who plays an unholy DK.

I prefer to play Horde. I live in Alaska, which is 4 hours behind EST, 1 hour behind PST.

Please reach out if you’d like to learn more. Thank you.

Nemesis #1592