Resto Druid Looking for {mythic-ish} Guild

Looking for a guild. Reason: my current guild is dead. Very, very dead. As in no one has been on in months. IT’S LONELY.

Wanted: Tuesday/something raiding guild. Prefer a guild that pushes into mythic, but I also have scheduling issues that I understand may prevent that. Tuesdays are the only day of the week I have off every week. Until I can change that, I’m only available every other week on the second raid night. (I am off work completely until at least April though!)

Experience: been playing since vanilla, minus a break for Warlords. I started maining druid in Wrath. Consistently been either resto (preferred) or balance since. Took a break last tier, had 5/10 in CN before my guild took a “break” (forever).

Anywho, hit me up on here, via Discord @ CareBear #4510, or in game @ CareBear #11748 if you might have a spot for me. Note: Currently on Thrall, looking at Hyjal as well due to most of my M+ team being Hyjal. Might as well be able to trade loot. :stuck_out_tongue: