Resto Druid LF Raiding Guild

I’m a 462 resto druid that raided a lot in cata with 0 heroic Sepulcher experience that is trying to get into heroic and mythic raiding. played a little at the end of bfa and just started playing again in 9.2. I’m a great healer that’s just trying to progress. I’m 11/11 normal from nothing but pugs so any heroic progression guild would be great. I do a lot of m+ dungeons but raiding has always been my main goal in this game. Sun-Wed is limited to me for raid times but I can do 4-8pm on those days.

I have aotc nyaloth(not bought) and cleared heroic firelands when it was current along with several other heroic cata and mogushan vaults bosses while they were current.

Any guild looking for a healer for heroic/mythic progression, you can add my real id Kyrogenic#11449.