Resto Druid LF Classic Guild or as Pocket healer


Hello! Resto Druid since 2006 here looking for Alliance classic guild (PVE or PVP) to join! (Or even as a pocket healer to anyone who needs - eyeing you warriors out there) I have played WoW since 2006/2007. I have played Resto Druid the entire time (some Alts but only recently) Trying to find a good guild, or friend to pocket heal, or group of people to play with when classic comes out!

I’ve always followed many friends and guildies around during expansions and just healed the **** out of them as they level (and me tagging along for the ride) Anyone who needs a pocket healer, ayeee.

I raided hardcore end of BC, entirety of WotLk, and start to mid Cata. All difficulties and bosses. I stopped raiding end of Cata to play casually and finish college - though I have kept up with mechanics and have done most of the raids since then. I am off after 5 every night and weekends off so scheduling isn’t much of a problem!

I count myself to be an above average Resto Druid credited to my experience playing the class, knowledge of the class, willingness to get better, and having a positive attitude! If anyone or any group or guild is looking for a Resto Druid for classic I am willing to brush the dust off my leaves and wobble over!


Hey, Check us out we have a great community with over 50 active members for classic.


Hey feel free to add me mcgroarty#1745 to discuss your plans for classic launch…I am rolling Human Prot tank and would love a pockethealer lol