Resto druid double innervate (retail)

why did we completely remove this functionality? I can’t remember the name of the spell, but I’m talking about being able to innervate another healer and have it also apply to myself.

I feel like where that spell was didn’t really affect the tree much, it could have stayed.

I’m fine if you remove it from the tree, but bake the functionality back into it at least… being able to send it to another healer and still have the effect myself was incredibly useful and being able to change 1 talent point for it made it a good meaningful choice in the talent tree.


found it, spell was called ‘natural wisdom’

mana was too op

and yet im pretty sure they removed it because no one took it…

Cast innervate……



On… someone else?!!!



fr…i think that if innervate gave resource regen for other classes, it would def be worth using on others!

think about it, druids get a PI-esque spell…that i would still cast on myself ofc


I mean, with the talent it was a net improvement on healer mana. Even with the old 50% version, it was a net positive in mana for druids to trade it.

It’s just another thing that was baseline for druids that they removed in favor for talents. Then in this instance they just phased it out completely :frowning:

My raid group has one other resto druid main and we used to trade innervates back in Shadowlands, and though I hardly ever touched Natural Wisdom this xpac, it was still a nice option to have. I did pick it up on Broodkeeper so that I could feed my innervates to our priest since he was hitting MD almost on cd on that fight.

For what it’s worth, it’s not that I didn’t want to take it, it’s that these trees are such a scattered mishmash that I couldn’t have taken that ability if I wanted to… and I really did! Our raid heal setup is typically me as a resto druid, a MW monk, and a holy pally. The pally has infinite mana apparently, but the monk and I struggle. It would be nice to use that talent so I can innervate him, but as it stands, I just use all the innervates for myself.

So not taking the talent shouldn’t be interpreted as disinterest by Blizzard. I wanted to take it, I just couldn’t.