Rested XP is 3X unrested? (answer: no, 2X)

Some people say that rested XP adds 50%. In my experience, it triples your XP…at least for killing mobs, solo, in Classic…at least in the 20-40 range.

I tested this yesterday. At level 27, my rogue was killing level 22-26 bears in Hillsbrad and checking the XP after each kill.

When I was rested, each 23 bear kill gave me “230 XP (+115 rested XP)”

When I ran out of rested, each 23 bear kill gave me “115 XP”

I’ve seen this on other characters (in the 20-40 range) when rested XP ran out. The per-kill XP drops to roughly 1/3 of what it was rested.

i guess you’re right, 115 + 115 + 115 = 230. math checks out. 100%


not reading that right…

230 XP (+115 rested XP)

230 total xp. 115 normal +115 rested. if you had a group bonus that would also show after the rested so would be +xx group bonus


You answered yourself. 230 is double of 115.

Just for kicks i logged on my alt …lvl 4 warrior with a little rested exp. EXP at login 1871/2100

1871 1st kill +52 26 reg/26res
1923 2nd kill + 78 39reg/39res
2001 3rd klill +78 39reg/39res
2079 4th kill +78 39reg/39res (lvl up 2079+78=2157-2100 lvl xp cap=57)
0057 5th kill +38 28reg/10res (used up last of rested bonus)
0095 6th kill +28 28reg/0res

6 kills total exp =352 rested exp 153 regular exp 199

If you mouse over the xp bar while rested, it literally says 200% xp


You’re right. I was adding the “+” figure, which was misleading to me. The 230 was the total, not 230+115. Thanks!

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