Resolve trinket nerfed

12sec duration down from 15sec, no longer makes the target immune to roots and no longer causes roots to last longer, increases duration of incoming CC by 25% was 20%.

Many other class buffs including outlaw, arms, affy lock 4% increase damage overall.

Cant root it off? They literally buffed it?


This is a buff.


yep, this is a buff imo


I’d assume it not being affected by roots also means roots cannot trigger it either. So charge 2sec root won’t trigger the trinket. So ya semi nerf/buff depends whose fighting it. For warrior this change is a nerf, for feral? Probably a buff since they cannot instant root to get it off anymore.

sick nerf now i cant root it off to kick people :grimacing:


Oh blizzard…swing and a miss.


I like that! Will no longer activate if I frostbite a warlock if I understand correctly.

Pretty sure those changes don’t affect PvP.

Edit: Oh nvm. Just not WW and BM.
Side note: Why is BM getting buffs?

They should.

Because it’s awful outside of PvP.

Yea… but it’s BM, the ranged equivalent of DH. I’m OK with them dragging their feet on meters.

And this hardly changes anything for WW PvE side. I think this just means we out ST Blood Dk now. Especially with their ST nerf.

What made them decide that bm/ww buffs shouldn’t apply to pvp but arms/aff should? None of these specs need dps buffs, aff is already doing disgusting dps in arena.

That resolve change is a joke too, why is it not being removed from the game at this point? Mages/locks don’t need more training wheels.


something something root something something

We enjoy a nice little buff to MLCHI :slight_smile:

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They won’t remove it from the game because they’re too proud to admit that they put something into the game that is beyond stupid, despite receiving feedback that the trinkets were going to be stupid.


it’s underperforming in m+ and raid to a shocking degree, especially in m+, where tanks are outdpsing them

It should only last for 3 seconds max imo. Even 12 seconds is way too long.



Yep, pretty much sums it up LMAO

uh wait, so is this real, or are we all stressing over some dudes thoughts