Reso shaman looking for home

Looking for a new home, Last guild ended up changing and becoming something i did not enjoy.
Little about me:
-Played WoW on and off for almost 15 years

  • Mained Resto Sham since MoP (ilvl 472 with 4 set)
  • Multiple AOTC, but i’ve always wanted to push more into mythic raiding Currently 9/9N and 2/9H
  • Multiple KSM/KSH, currently pushing 17 and 18 keys (as of this post)

What I’m looking for in A guild:

  • Nothing crazily Politically correct (it’s a game, lets keep it that)
  • raiding spot, or at least a way to prove that I’m worth the raid spot
  • Consistency, let it be time of runs, or just consistency with the rules of the guild
  • Nothing big, I’m not looking to be just another number in a guild. I’m not interested in being a part of a multi-server guild with 500+ in each guild, just not my cup of tea.

All in all, looking for a good time for a long time ;).
looking to make some good friends along the way and some good laughs.

If this sounds like your guild by all means my Discord handle is Ladus (little DJ cow with a green background is my discord) and I look forward to hearing what your guild is all about!

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Hi Ladus, I sent you a friend request on discord. Tried to message but it wouldn’t go thru.