Reset back to level 1

So I am returning to wow, is there anyway to reset a character back to level 1 since I’ve been away for so long I don’t remember how to play my class and like the leveling experience to teach me.

There’s no way to reset a character’s level. The best option would be to start a new character of the class. (If it’s been a while, use the new Exile’s Reach starting zone, which includes tutorials as you go.) You don’t have to swap to that character permanently, just level up a bit until you get a feel for things and then you can go back to your old character if you want.

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The leveling experience is pretty gutted and faceroll unfortunately. I like this idea of a level 1 reset though.

Perhaps just make another character. Perhaps just take a moment to read all your spells in your spell book, that helps me sometimes.