Reserve Your Name in WoW Classic on August 12 at 3:00 p.m. PDT


Ya I agree but if its anything like retail they have EST/CST/PST (in game time) servers in Chicago and EST/CST/PST (in game time) servers in Los Angeles. We really do need a Blue confirmation on this for clarification.


This is true. I believe we had to actually be able to log in to see the server time and ping back in the day.

We could definitely use a response about this or an announcement with this information later this week.


Please answer this one, i and a few people i know are planning to create the names first and remake the chars after the name is reserved

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Seems to be the case. Some East servers I got 30ms ping. Some East servers I got 80ms ping. So I’d rather get the actual data center listed.

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If you delete your character and I use the same name you just had before you can recreate the character it will be mine.


True, I second this instead.


HELL. YES. Such hype. much excite.


That’s a spectre of the past, when they had servers in LA, Seattle, Boston and Dallas, then consolidated them into LA and Chicago though. We’re starting fresh so it can be like it was originally, where all the CST/EST ones were in Dallas and Boston, and the PST in LA and Seattle.

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But that’s not how it works in Current WoW. Even if you delete a character you still have rights to that name for a certain period of time.

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That would be nice.

I wonder what my ping would be I’m an hour out from Boston.

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I think an important bit of information we’d like to know is how long will character creation be available prior to launch. Can we reserve names up until the launch of the game? If that is the case then you can just wait a week or so when it’s off peak and the chance of someone going for your name on your server in that amount of time would be limited.

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Oh :poop: for real?

I didn’t know that.

It actually might be possible Slizer?


This supports the expectation that it will not close, ever. On August 26th at 10pm UTC, it will simply enable the “Enter World” button.

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Yes, however it might have a level restriction on that. Meaning it only saves that name for your account if the character is at a certain level. About that I’m not positive.


Very fair point. Hopefully you are correct and its that simple. However they still need to tell us if its a EST or PST server.


I can see it now. Someone staying up 24/7 for two weeks, creating and deleting characters so they can reserve 6 names, cycling through them.

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Ahhh ok.

I answered so surely too, sorry guys!


If it’s anything like Vanilla, you’ll get a list that looks like this, posted somewhere. We knew the timezones when they announced the list, the first time around, and there’s never been any reason to hide them.


If you happen to live in Wisconsin…come here and give me a hug :blush:



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the EU reserve name date!? :smiley: