Reserve Your Name in WoW Classic on August 12 at 3:00 p.m. PDT

You totally called it!! You sir win the Internet for 72 hours :smiley:

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Im looking for the person that has Narrosh on Herod :frowning: message me if youre willing to part with it and we’ll work something out.

Old Blizzard - yeah guys we messed up let us try to fix it, here’s some free game time!

New Blizzard - let’s just not address any issues players have and eventually they will move on and find something else to complain about.

Looking forward to release, I’m sure it will go just as smoothly!


dang you got the right on!

I got my 3 names
-Mehdik (dwarf preist)
-Featherlight (goblin rogue)
-Etna (mage fire)

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It’s not hard to see this stuff coming. Though somehow Blizzard never does.


Took me 40 minutes to log into the server I wanted and only got one of the three names I wanted. Should count myself lucky to even get that one name but unlike me there were many others who couldn’t reserve any of the names they wanted.

Not an ideal experience but maybe this will help the launch of the game go more smoothly? Might just be wishful thinking on my part, like thinking I could reserve the names I wanted at the time that was advertised for the name reservation.

Yeah, sure woulda been nice if there was enough servers to support everyone logging in at once. Then, maybe I COULD have gotten my name, instead of waiting for the server list and getting disconnected 12x, only to finally get in almost an hour late and NOT get my name.


I had zero issues getting my 3 names on Atiesh

I can’t recall where it was posted sorry, but there was a post stating that if you delete your character that name then becomes available to anyone immediately, but if you’re quick well won’t be an issue.

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I suspect there was some intentional name trolling going on. My girlfriend lost her name on our server, and it’s a name that nobody uses (no active names on Armory). I suspect some are taking names from people who played back in Vanilla :frowning:

Ah well, I can’t imagine there’s anything anybody can do about such activities.

I don’t understand that. Everyone got the same 3 slots. Like…you’re gonna waste yours just to flip the bird to someone you don’t even know?

I can’t begin to understand it either, but why would anybody take her name? Nobody uses it.

Also, to be fair, I only really needed 2 name slots for the names I wanted. If I wanted to be a jerk, I could have stolen a name. I am not a jerk.

Ended up with a human female named Ariel. Mage it is.

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I ended up with a forsaken lock named Malaria. I couldn’t believe it. xD

Yeah Im assuming that once it goes live, and we can log in, these names, like normal, will be account locked for 30 days.

I was going to the RP server but my main name was taken so now I’m regular PVE. Least I can make a Horde alt and be amused by Barrons chat.

I too was repeatedly disconnected a long time and wonder if I could have been on the RP server had Blizzard not done a crappy launch. Oh well, Got my names so I have my new server.

I’m happy.

Can we get any idea how many people reserved names?

loving this more and more and more

I managed to make 3 characters on Herod, and was able to get my first choice for each character. Made my day!