Research Report : Adaptive Alloys

Why hasn’t this vendor item not been hotfixed yet blizzard?

We can’t purchase it because we need rank 6 but at rank 6 we can already purchase Research Report: First Alloys which let us skip adaptive alloys upgrade. which means adaptive alloys should have been purchased at rank 5.


None of that crap should have been gated behind extra ranks in the first place.


You can’t get First Alloys until Renown 75.

Tier 5 was the most disappointing reputation I’ve ever earned.


fel fuel cant melt adaptive alloys.

I agree with you but it’s working as intended. In addition to 226 being gated at Tier 6 rep it’s also gated behind 61 Renown. 233 upgrades are also geared at Tier 6 rep (which initially makes no sense), but they are also gated behind 75 Renown, so it comes later.

It should have just been Tier 5 for 226 and Tier 6 for 233 with no Renown second gate, but they clearly did it on purpose, it’s not a bug, so there’s no “hotfix.”


Because Blizzard decides how you have fun. Controlling your rewards isn’t enough. They control how much you earn in relics for a day, they control how fast you gear up by timegating worthless gear and timegate the amount of story so you won’t feel…overwhelmed by the “amount of things” to do a.k.a a bunch of dailies

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very disappointing news.

Should have known blizz can’t make a good gearing system.

Well hey man don’t fret, just drop a coupla hundgie on WoW tokens and have other people gear for you.