Rescue The Survivors! Quest Still Bugged

Ammen Vale quest where you use ‘Gift of the Naaru’ racial ability on a wounded NPC to save them. It heals them, but the NPCs continue to writhe in agony on the ground, so no credit given. Have tried logging out/in, trying a fresh wounded NPC, quitting and re-logging.

Edit: The quest is still bugged as of the emergency maintenance performed on October 26, 2022.

Edit #2 (Update): The bug specifically tailors to Draenei Rogues; it works for other classes.


Yes, I am having trouble with that as well.

The quest seems to be bugged for all draenei. Tried it on a warlock, mage and paladin and it doesn’t heal the survivor.

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Still bugged tried with a Shaman.


I am experiencing this now on my level 2 Draenei Paladin

Still an issue. Trying this on a warlock, and the targets aren’t getting up.

Adding to the chorus of others saying that this bug has still not been fixed. My draenei hunter alt is unable to complete the quest, as every draenei I have tried it on does not get up. I did notice that they all have full health bars automatically— I cannot find a single draenei to save with half health any longer.

Trying this quest as a Paladin and it is still bugged. If anyone has a solution, I would love to hear it.

Still bugged as of 20 November 2023.
Brand new Draenei Paladin. Have tried all the usual things (e.g. logging out and back in again, refreshing the UI, etc.). I have attempted to complete on five different “Draenei Survivors” to no avail.

Edit: I read another post about this same topic and someone suggested targeting one of the “Injured Draenei” inside the broken ship (right next the the quest giver) instead of the “Draenei Survivors” outside the ship. This worked for me.

Still needs to be fixed though because the quest text implies they will be found outside the ship. And when mousing over the “Draenei Survivors” outside the ship, they have a tooltip clearly stating they are the intended targets.


I am also having the issue on a fresh Draenei Paladin. I tried the Injured Draenei as others have said in this thread but it only put the spell (Gift of the Naaru) on me instead as the Injured Draenei aren’t targetable with the spell apparently.

Still bugged on my draenei shaman.

Yeah the original bug was for Rogues I believe or that’s what people thought. You’re right as of now though.

ok good that it wasn’t only me, taking a draenei alt and quest wasn’t working as intended

Logging over to a horde character (not in war mode) and getting to the area where the quest is will allow you to unequip your weapon and punch the creatures in order to get their HP down. If you do this, make sure you use a character with a weak melee, like a mage. Otherwise, you may kill them.
Then swap back over and complete the quest.

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This is the survivor that made the quest complete for me.
As you go into the “Broken Ship” the survivor laying down to the left. Female Draenai

I don’t know if I have the patience for this since every other work around people have listed thus far didn’t work for me but thanks for letting us know just in case!

As of the hotfix last night, it’s still not working. I tried it on a warlock

Yeah still quite bugged

I think that we should all make this same bug report, so that Blizzard will take notice and look into it. I already made one myself.

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Quest is still bugged as of today - I submitted a bug report as well.