Rerolling to raid with friends, how is mage overall right now?

Rerolling with some friends, i’ve played mage but never to a high ilvl, right now I am trying to decide on if I wanna play mage, hunter, or MAYBE warrior. So how is mage right now? I like to play all 3 specs and from various tier lists, etc all three specs seem to be doing ok?

Also how complex is fire actually?

All 3 specs are quite good. Atm frost is the best generic spec with arcane having very strong cleave and fire still doing good aoe burst and comparable single target to frost.

Fire isn’t that complex after a few hours in it.

Hunter is incredibly strong with tier set though.

Thanks for the info! Having a hard time decided between hunter and mage and this helped.

just play a warlock destro is best 7/10 encounters while demo is best 3/10.
Destro is super fun in m+ and warlocks are pretty much unkillable rn. No one really brings mages to raid besides the 1 mage for int and thats pretty much it, warlocks and boomkins do everything a mage can, while being more useful.

I guess it comes down to what your friends play, and what you hope to do with it. I mean if you’re looking to raid Mythic and push high keys, then you’re going to want the best spec (which is Hunter or Lock).

On the other hand if you’re only doing normal/heroic raiding and a few fun dungeons, then really play what you enjoy the most. Warrior would have the advantage of being able to tank dungeons which helps both at max lvl and leveling. If your friends are both dps, or one is a healer then that’s not a bad way to level up.

We are mainly heroic, so I know its not to important to go whatever is “best” I ended up going hunter though. I always liked survival and this gives me a chance to play it plus my friend went mage. :slight_smile: Thanks for the info!