<Reroll> Recruitment info for DF

There’s usually some WoW vets that come back for new expansions, so just wanted to get our guild’s info out there for any returning players to see that might be a good fit with us.

The classes we’d be most interested in would be Mage, Priest and Rogue. Possibly DH and Warlock.

### Who we are / progression: ###

  • At the start of SL I founded the ally guild Amorphous with some friends and we finished AOTC server 9th in CN.
  • For Sanctum, our guild faction changed to horde and renamed to No Bully, finishing AOTC server 3rd. We also made friends with the guys in Reroll who finished that tier server 5th.
  • For Sepulcher we decided to join up with our Reroll friends (and use their name because it was better lol) finishing AOTC server 4th:

### Atmosphere: ###

I would describe us as semi-hardcore guild. We expect everyone to play well, and players failing mechanics or lagging far behind on dps will get restricted to Normal difficulty until showing improvement. We’re competitive, but also staying chill is very important to us. We’re all adults, we play video games for fun, and none of us want to play with ragers. We try and work and solve problems as a team. Individual performance is important, but teamwork is too. Mostly we just play to have fun, and want to play with other good players with a similar mindset.

### Raid Times: ###

Tues+Thurs from 6-9pm PST.
(Not raiding atm. That’s for DF)

### Goals: ###

In terms of progression, the plan is to try and be one of the first guilds on the server to get AOTC. After that, we’d like to ideally step into mythic and down some of the easier bosses for gear, but we have no plans to make a serious push for CE. Many of our players are WoW vets with busy stuff going on in real-life, and don’t want to bash their heads against the wall on the harder mythic bosses. So if getting CE is super important to you, we may not be the right guild.

### Getting on the team: ###

For the guild, anyone is welcome to join regardless of skill level or experience - we try and create a welcoming space for all gamers. For that you can request an invite in-game.

For the raid team, we’re more picky. We have no application process, and we aren’t doing formal tryouts - that’s way too hardcore for us. Add me on bnet: JMB#1753 and let me know why you think you’d be a good fit with our team. We love making new friends, but we do want to make sure anyone we play with is on a similar skill level, and has a similar mentality, to the rest of the group.

### Cross Faction: ###

Blizz added a cross-faction raiding to the game, and it will be enabled from the start in Dragonflight. Although our guild is horde, we’re open to playing with characters from either faction. Cross-faction guilds are NOT a thing yet… so TBD if you’re ally on that. We could always create an alliance side version of our guild if there’s a need.