Requirements for Void Elf

I was under the impression that to unlock Void Elves you needed the achievement “You are now Prepared!” to start the quest line, yet when I talk to Aysa Cloudsinger in the embassy, her quest marker is greyed out. Is there a level requirement as well? I’m struggling to find other reasons as to why I can’t start the quest even after asking around in game.

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I’m stuck trying to figure out how to start the Nightborne quest line myself… I’m so confused…

Before prepatch, you were required to have a level 110 on alliance to start the quest. This would translate to level 45 now, so if you don’t have an ally toon at level 45, that would be your first step.

Concerning Nightborne, I had questions about that too - see Mahri’s reply here: Unlocking Nightborne

Very good info there. Be prepared though, it looks like unlocking Nightborne might legit take 20-30+ hours of gameplay start to finish. I’ve already sunk in 6-7 hours and am not even half way to starting the achievement quests chain(s). I’m not going to invest that much time myself, but to each their own. And good luck! :slight_smile: