Requirements for shadowlands

Yes so i have guildies and stuff on frostwolf,vashj and all those connected realms and what not, i had heard like yesterday about there needing to be requirements in order to play shadowlands like a solid state graphics card and not and onboard graphics card and a good wifi connection well thing is with that a lot of my guildies and myself would not be able to play and experience shadowlands because of those changes and i know probably other people on different realms and countries also probably have the same problem i dont want people to feel alienated from the game and want everyone to be included and think that you should make the requirements to where everyone can play and not have it to where they have to worry about not being able to qualify for actually running it without it crashing or something because of not having the required things needed my suggestion is just try to keep it like how teh requirements for bfa were in a way and to also if its true not let every race be a dh or atleast kul tiran because that vers would be way too op anyways i hope this helps everyone!

The problem is that this game has been around for a very long time, and most of the people playing have just passively updated their systems. A decent laptop will run the game smoothly at the moment, but during Shadowlands there are a lot of new effects and new zones where a newer system will have to be required in order to keep it running decently. This isnt about exclusivity, or inclusivity or intentionally screwing anyone out of playing. If you’re playing computer games, then you’ll try to have the system that can run it with the best possible settings.

With that being said, an SSD, even a smaller one at 500gb is about 150-200 bucks right now. That’s actually quite cheap. The graphics card is the pricey bit. If your system cant run Shadowlands at its best options, then you’ll be forced to bring it to a lower a setting. However, you really shouldn’t be playing this game on a 5 year old laptop. (Ballparking here) and I recommend that because they’ve just delayed the release, you try and save up some cash in order to build a genuine PC. Even if you can scrape together enough to get a case ~$100. Motherboard ~$200, RAM ~$200 for 2 8gb sticks, Power Supply ~$120-$180 and an SSD for ~$150-$250, and a Processor for $250 even the lowend of that is about $950-$1100 which isn’t all that much. Then after a few more paychecks, go and find a decent graphics card for $450-$500 and you’ll be able to play it at minimum of a 7 for graphics. After another few weeks, buy another set of 8 GB sticks for another 16gigs total and you’ll be running smooth as butter. The key to it is saving up over time, and then you’ll be able to relieve a lot of stress from a laptop and use that for other things while maintaining a gaming PC.

I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely an option that you HAVE to consider. Technology isn’t going to slow down because people can’t afford it. It’s going to keep going, and its up to you to keep up.

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