Requirements for Baine Rescue on Alts

I’ve already done the Baine Rescue senario on my Alli and Horde Mains, but I would like to run through it with my Tauren Pally.

Unfortunately after several Google searches, I can’t find what the required questlines or achievements are required to start it. I’ve already opened up Nazjatar and gotten one of the Champions to 3rd level, ((Which I recall is a requirement), but so far haven’t seen any available quests in that direction

Can anybody help with it? Am I going to have to redo the whole War Campaign?

That quest is a step in the war campaign, and there’s no skipping to it to get there AFAIK.

Okay, so, assuming that’s true, where does the actual War Campaign start for alts? With my main I was too engaged in getting to everything. so I didn’t take note of what was and wasn’t Campaign-related.

Just do whatever Blightcaller says?

Pretty much. Every quest Blightcaller gives is the war campaign. And brother, that guy gives a lot of quests, as you probably already know.

On my alts, I often cut it off after picking up the flight master in Timberfell Outpost (which is relatively early in the campaign). I haven’t cared enough for subsequent events in the campaign to do it again on alts.

Well, it gives me something to work for on alt days :wink: