Requesting Help Regarding BFA Arathi, Nimar the Slayer, & Witherbark Bat

Hello. I played a lot back in the day and I guess I’m just not understanding how phases work or something.

I’ve been trying to get the BFA version of Nimar the Slayer to spawn for like two months to farm the Witherbark Bat.

Things I’ve done on a character that is now level 60:

  • Unlocked Warfronts.

  • Tried to talk to Zidormi (no dialogue options present).
    Did this both below 60 and at 60.

  • Prior to 60 I tried visiting during different xpacks via Chromie Time.
    Cata and SL would show the correct level mobs, but not the correct version of Nimar which drops this mount. BFA and others would show level 30 mobs in the zone.

  • Now at level 60 only level 30 mobs show- still no dialogue options with Zidormi.

  • Tried to use portals to get to Arathi via Zandalar, but when Horde controls Arathi there is no portal on the docks. I’ve only seen portals to Duskwood during my time trying to farm this mount.

All of the guides online for farming this are inconsistent/out of date. I just want a bat mount and I don’t understand how anything works anymore, haha. Any help would be appreciated.

It sounds like you’ve probably already done the pre-reqs, but I’m going to put them here. (Sometimes, the game lets people skip steps, and then it blocks stuff later on.)

  1. Make sure you’ve done the BfA intro quests (started at the Herald NPC next to the Warchief’s Command board in Orgrimmar) up through getting the “Welcome to Zandalar” achivement. Skipping this will cause weirdness to occur. (Basically it will let you do some BfA content, but mysteriously block other stuff until done.)

  2. Pick up your Heart of Azeroth by completing the short chain that starts with “A Dying World” from the earthen guardian NPC near the Zuldazar Harbor flightmaster.

  3. Unlock world quests by completing “Uniting Zandalar” from Nathanos on the ship in the harbor. (On your first character through BfA, this won’t show up until you’ve done the 3 foothold quests from the War Campaign.)

If all of that is done, there is also a short quest chain that will specifically unlock Arathi that starts with “The Warfront Looms.” It’s a popup quest, so I don’t know if it still pops up. If not, head to Throk and see if he’ll give you the followup “To the Front.”