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So I’m collecting coins for Lunarfest and noticed something odd about my rep gains. I seem to be capped out at 5999/6000 friendly with all my classic Alliance factions…Stormwind, Ironforge, etc. My log says I’m gaining rep with each coin. But they won’t actually flip over to the next level. Any suggestions?

Those quests give reputation for “Horde” or “Alliance” and rep gains for those sources for the city faction is capped at 5999 friendly. (Similar to how the spillover rep you get for city factions caps out at 5999 friendly.) It will still show the rep gains in chat even if everything is capped and not increasing. This has been the behavior since Cataclysm, before that you could get rep from the main faction sources or spillover past friendly.

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So is there no way to advance those reps further? Is exalted not possible with those groups?

Put on a tabard and run qualifying dungeons.

My favoirite for basic Horde/Ally rep has always beeen The Botanica.

Buy a tabard from Stormwind Quartermaster, at the steps up to the flight master.

Fly out to The Botanica in Outland. Put dungeon on Normal, and blow through it 10 times each hour. Lots of rep from each run. More from Heroic, but then you are locked out of HC until daily reset.

Other dungeons will do - I think all TBC and Wrath ones work - butthe Botanica brings you out at the entrance so you don’t have to run back.

Repeat for Ironforge and the others.

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It’s possible, just not with the Lunar Festival quests. There are quartermaster vendors for each city faction that will sell you a tabard that will give you rep in some dungeons when you kill stuff. (They are typically by the flight master, although the Pandaran ones are near the hot air ballon where their mount vendor is in Org/Stormwind.) Outland dungeons are good as you don’t get penalized for being over the level of the dungeon. (Dungeons in Vanilla zones also work, but only at 20% is rep per kill if you’re too high a level.) Wrath and Cata dungeons might work as well, it’s been a while. Keep in mind that some of the earlier normal versions of Outland dungeons (like Hellfire Ramparts) have a rep cap of friendly, so you’ll need to do those on heroic or do the later normal dungeons like the ones in Netherstorm.

You can also do the older quests in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Many of those give rep with various city factions.

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Ok. Thanks everyone. Strange bug/feature imo.

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