Reporting for BETA duty!


Kaivax, I am present and reporting for duty! I got the farm man.

Just waiting on my deployment orders via the BETA invite. :slight_smile:

(Mini) #2

I’m just Mini this guys Threemini I’m 1/3 the hassle let me in first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“Why is nobody at Stables!?”


I’ll guard the Stables.

But like Threemini, I need my deployment orders via the BETA invite!


I am God at guarding farm.

I kill rats to get max rage and wait for rogues…

Beta inv plz.


Lemme in. LEMEE i,nnnnnnnnnnn


“Tray! Take mini with you and head over to stables. Threemini has the farm.”


AB has and always will be my favorite bg


I got the road covered guys, we’re good.


I will keep the forge nice and hot so our troops have sharp weapons for battle. Gonna need some smiths to help though.


Why is everyone on Farm, theyre taking everything else!

(Mooriartee) #12

Remember: the key to winning is to always fight ON THE ROAD! :motorway:

/moo :cow:


insert - let me in meme

(Cilivia) #14

Lucky !

Well, I guess I’ll go farm herbs on retail for 8.2… Nothing else to do. Oh yeah ! Who’s up for quick +10 ?

(Brockthorn) #15

Got the farm my foot. Everyone knows you just fight on the road and then go for the BS when you are outnumbered and have no chance of grabbing it.

(Darknesself) #16

At least we have Stables…

(Brockthorn) #17

That’s a false perception everyone has. Stables left unattended and baam rogue captures it.


We had a guild on my server by that name, back then.

(Brockthorn) #19

I want to hear some good priest mind control action here walking all those horde off the LM cliff to their death.

(Darknesself) #20

Yeah, I remember seeing a few guilds with that name :). That’s where I got it from lol.