Reporting a player that is offline

I have been harassed by not 1, not 2, but 3 people in the past 2 days and once they whisper to me and insult me, they get offline and I can no longer click on their name to report them. I try to click on them in the whisper window but it doesn’t pop up. Is this an issue with Blizzard’s report system? Because this is ridiculous. My daughter plays this game w me.

But you can ignore them. Usually, real harassment lasts for multiple days. If you place them on ignore they can’t talk to you. There are all kinds of people on wow that get like this. Wow is a great place to pretend you are anyone, we always want to give people the benefit of a doubt that they are good people and amazingly enough the harassment person might really just be a nice person and they decided to pick on you.

The best way to piss off a harasser is to ignore them because they get off if you react. You’ll catch them over time or someone else will. Try to remember wow has bad people too.

Blizzard support isn’t as great as it was in the beginning opening a ticket is an all day event, I haven’t personally spoke to a gamemaster in years and I’m a beta tester for all kind of products in the real world and come across all kinds of wow bugs I don’t waste my time on reporting anymore.

Poor customer service is a huge turn off.