Reported. Reported! Gah

It means they don’t walk their own talk. And then they wonder why no one takes them seriously.

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The only thing that applies is this:

Players agreed to abide by the rules. The rules are clearly defined. As long as the player acts like an adult, and keeps it PG-13, they have nothing to worry about. All this enforcement does is keep the good people good, and forces the not-so-good ones to either improve or move on.

In the end, every new account since launch clicked “Agree”. There is no excusing toxic and ignorant behavior.

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I mean, duh?

Why are you even responding to me?

I already know why we all signed and agreed to a contract that merely reiterates the TOS and provides the elaboration that people who willfully violated it will face a suspension or a ban. Seems pretty darn clear… so clear I that I have to puzzle at the motivations of channish wonders that want to wail about "Muh free speechesuz! ".

Because the filter is easily gotten around.


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Oh nononono you DIDN’t! You actually think by posting verbatim EVIDENCE that you will make any more sense???

I don’t know what you were thinking.

I am still on your lawn, selling lemonade.

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Because despite agreeing to the rules that say no profanity, some people break those rules. It gives parents an option to add one more layer in place.

The filter, like most filters, is not perfect though and can mess with typing normal words. Many people turn it off for that reason. Not so they can hear things that the game already prohibits. This thread, like many for the past 17 years, explains that. Spotlight on: Harassment

Mature Language Filter (aka The Profanity Filter)

  • This can be activated within your Interface Options: Main menu (ESC key by default) Click Interface > Social and check - Mature Language Filter.

  • Once enabled, all inappropriate words in our profanity database will be filtered and masked to appear as jumbled characters, such as ‘*##@&’.

Note: The filter does not excuse the language used. The filter serves as a temporary shield, to help parents of minors and others who do not wish to see it, to block it. Our policies prohibit the use of both clear and masked inappropriate language. :point_left:

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You planning on sharing?

More importantly, did he get a permit for his lemonade selling permit?

Good point!

this is not a bad question at all. I used to wonder this type of thing, because one would think that the profanity filter would achieve the end result. But let me paint a scenario:

You queue for a random bg and everyone is popping off on each other. Someone on your team goes off at you specifically, maybe because they are having a bad day but you don’t know enough about the situation. You just joined, as far as you’re concerned.

Billy Bob calls you some kind of explicative. In the chat, that is replaced with growlixes, those little punctuation and other marked symbols like &, $, #, @, etc. put them together in a random order and you get the idea.

Now, for the sake of abiding by the forum rules, I won’t type growlixes in succession because I don’t want to seem like I am intentionally swearing to make a point. But in leu of growlixes, I’ll say beep instead.

If someone is, say, using a derogatory slur, and they say something along the lines of “nice try beep you play like a beep go beep bla bla insert a ur mom joke here” etc. it doesn’t really change the fact that the language used is intentionally inflammatory by design. It’s mean spirited and downright hurtful, not to mention that anyone with a functioning brain can simply fill in the gaps. That is to say we all know exactly what you mean to say in that context.

If this was an isolated incident and you are having a good day, you’d probably think the reaction was simply not proportional to the game at hand. So you might think it’s funny. Haha, you go about your day.

Other times, maybe you’re not quite there, and when people come into the game and spam you with that type of nonsense and maybe, just maybe, one of those incidents just rubs you the wrong way that one time. And it’s enough to lower your mood, which in turn means that you are not enjoying the game and are significantly more likely to pass off that negativity onto someone else.

This goes on for long enough, and you will end up with a game a lot like WoW. A game where people are genuinely upset and malding over a social contract which basically ammounts to little more than a friendly, friendly neighborly reminder that people should consider being nicer to their fellow community.

That was an overly cumbersome way of saying that people already knows what the growlixes mean so censoring them effectively doesn’t ammount to much, it’s just a way for the game to not have a bunch of slurs and other unnecessary language cluttering chat.

Always, part of the deal

Bah! who needs a permit?

Woohoo, I do love a good glass of lemonade. It’s kinda warm today, though in true New England fashion, tomorrow is a high of 58.

62 and rainy here in Salem Oregon, gas prices are at $5.39 per, and all is well

Blackberry or Raspberry lemonade!

Check this out man, judge should be like…guilty. Peace.

$5.09 here currently.

Seems like the easiest fix would just be to take away the tick box for profanity and then when someone circumvents and swears, we know it was deliberate and not accidental making the use of stronger punishment an option :slight_smile:

I may accidentally say something wrong IRL, esp when things go horribly wrong. I don’t type something accidentally then hit Enter.

The two circumstances are not comparable. We agree not to use profanity. I do use it IRL at times, but only when I know it is ok. Unless really really out of it, my fingers don’t just type on their own.


There has to be a motive to take that time and effort, yes? Be it retaliation, meanness, frustration…nobody just stops to type “Hi, you suck at this game, but I like you and I want to be your friend!”. It always ends up being something negative and hurtful.

Honestly most of the counters I have read in this thread distill down to “I am going to do what i want, and if you try to stop me, you are oppressing me. I am not here to listen, I am here to make sure you understand I am right, and I WIN.”

Realistically it really doesn’t matter in the larger picture, the rules are there and most of us don’t have a problem with them. Once in awhile we get a chance to be entertained by the rebellious bug that flies into the zapper :skull:


It’s definitely something new. The phrase Cancel culture took off and gained popularity in 2019. It started and began really after 2014 with the me too movement.

Not sure what crazy hoops you are trying to jump through to tell us Cancel culture started in the 50’s and been around forever because it hasn’t. This is a new thing that started very recently. (in the last 4 years)

This just in: Knob players are mad they might get reported now for being Knobs. Yet they can still be Knobs in other ways but aren’t creative enough to care. News at 11.