Replying to someone doesn't always tag them


When I click the reply button next to someones comment inside a thread, sometimes I need to click “Reply” an extra time for it to reply to them, instead of generally replying to the thread.

I’m unable to reproduce this bug on command.

(Jacquell) #2

I experience this as well all the time. Sometimes I have hit Reply twice and it still does not work.

Like now for example, I hit it twice to reply to your specific post and it does not show that I have replied to you.


Ya since it’s been fresh in my mind I just spam the reply button until I see the persons name appear in the top left of the text input box. Not (that) bad of a bug but in a long thread, kind of hard to get the attention of the person I am replying to and vice versa if it’s also happening to others.


It appears to me that clicking “Reply” on the OP will create a generic reply to the thread, whereas clicking “Reply” on any other posts in the thread will allow you to respond to a specific individual. Is it not working that way for ya’ll?


No it’s not. It does sometimes but other times it takes several clicks


Interesting. Seems to be working for me =/. I’m on Chrome desktop. Maybe it’s a mobile thing?