Repeatedly dropped from deep six, when winning?

So, every time horde is winning the deep six, i just randomly get dropped from the BG.
This has happened multiple times with no reason, Is anyone else just getting dropped from the BG. This has never happened once when i was in a losing deep six, its only happened multiple times when we were winning.
just in the middle of a fight winning and bam removed from the battleground ?

No afk, no deserter buffs, no pop up windows, Just instant loading screen and out of the game and the weirdest part is everytime its only when our team is winning.

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You probably have enemy players leaving the match and then the match is closing because there are “not enough players.”

Take a look at your chat window, there is a warning message when this happens.

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look at the chat. if one team doesn’t have 6 players itll say " match ending in 5 minutes". Itll say this every minute unless 6 people join each team.

Wonderful design Blizzard PvP devs have come up with…don’t win too good or they’ll shut it down.

On the bright side…it’s Tuesday :slight_smile:

Maybe Blizzard can fix this before the next Deep Six. LOL who am I kidding.