Rep Grinds


Locking instances behind rep, fine. Locking entire races? Or reskins with lukewarm racials? $$$


Because one is fun and one is boring.

Also, there were plenty of guilds not running anything other than Kara, or at least having groups for only Kara. They have abandoned that mix of top level content.


Running SSC for the billionth time so that someone can get keyed for Tempest Keep was not fun. It was a chore, and instead of a chore that was an individual responsibility, it was a chore that was a 25-person responsibility.


And running through (pick any quest hub in azeroth) for the billionth time on the 50th toon is less boring? Please…

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There are literally no more rep grinds for current content. If you actually have to grind out reputation in BfA then you are likely doing something wrong.

Compared to the old days they now just give you the rep.


Except that it is, again, one person doing it, and not twenty five. If both are equally boring and unfun, the one that requires fewer people to execute is without question the more preferable.


Except that people are gone from the game because the content they get is boring. Flat out boring. Running a dungeon is preferable to finding nancy her three cats, or killing 10 X that die in 1 second while you fall asleep at your keyboard…


…No, it isn’t. Running a dungeon you need nothing from and have done dozens of times is neither challenging nor entertaining. And when someone else DOES need to do it, that means at least 4 other people have to trudge through it while gaining no benefit for the use of their time.

ONE person needing to do WQs that aren’t personally rewarding is better than five people doing dungeons that aren’t personally rewarding. While the one person who needs to do the WQs does them, the other four can spend their time on things that are actually fun.

The narrative you’re pushing erodes individual player agency – not good.


No, the narrative I am pushing creates more fun. People play this game to rid, or to run instanced PvE, not to run boring quests. Quests are the leveling mechanism, which is about all most anybody wants to do with them. You act like people were not outraged when they removed gaining rep through instances, because they were. It was deemed a punishment because people preferred running the dungeons, and that by the way is what you needed from those instances, rep.

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Every time I see a post like this I think two things.

OMG, don’t encourage them.


It’s interesting that some of the game play design is so bad that it looks like a f2p / farmville type scheme where they intentionally make the game annoying enough to get you pay past the annoyances.

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You don’t speak for why people play this game. Speak to why you play, not others.


For you. Not for everyone.

I can agree that reputation probably ought to be obtainable in dungeons. Removing reputation requirements entirely, though? Overkill. Options are good. If you want more options, I will happily support you. If you want to remove the options others enjoy, I will stand against you.

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They still are optional


My guild was still running it because we liked it. :frowning: I don’t think anyone needed a single drop from there in our group, but I remember the last run before WotLK, we were in vent talking about the possibility of running it for exp when the expansion came out. lol

I do miss those times. I stayed up way too late and suffered the next day at work more times than I care to admit, but I loved it so much.


I never said I wanted it removed. What I am saying is it should not be a replacement for better content, or a lock for most content, just niche things. I have no problem for it being a requirement for some things, like attunements (which IMO would make the game better), but it should not be locking everything as a way to force people into doing more useless crap to stay playing, when in many cases, it has the opposite effect.

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I still haven’t come across this grind everyone talks about I pretty much have completed all requirements through progressions and hitting some world quest that really isn’t a grind. I remember grinding for the Wintersabre mounts before the implemented the daily quest, now that was a grind


You’re not making much sense, IMO. You’re okay with rep grinds being required for attunement, but don’t want them to force people to do ‘useless crap’ (which basically means things the individual player doesn’t like).

If rep is required for attunement, then nothing changes. Instead of doing slightly different non-challenging content out in the world, you’d just be doing the same non-challenging content in an instance over and over.

For that matter, dungeons are less granular than WQs. If I have 20 minutes to play before I have to leave the house, I can knock out one or two WQs in that time, easy.

If I have the same amount of time, it’s highly unlikely I can knock out a dungeon – especially if I’m DPS and have to wait in queue.


Do you remember all the stuff you had to go through to access and complete certain dungeons?


Not if you wanted to raid, craft, get epics as a casual, unlock certain dungeons.

Want a cool new allied race? Grind the rep… in a few hours.

That’s another thing- with emissaries, the ‘rep grind’ after finishing the storylines amounts to a few hours of emissaries.

Rep grinds used to take months, and hundreds of hours of repetitive mob grinding or ‘dailies’ that were limited and often involved a lot of travel and more grinding.

If you don’t like rep grinding, fine- strange game to play, but fine, to each their own- but don’t do the whole ‘good old days’ schtick when this is the best it’s ever been by a massive margin.

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I think what he is saying is “Rep grinds are ok for things other people want, but not for things I want.” At least that is my take on it after reading this thread.