Renewing Mist is not working

seriously, 9 hrs maintenance… they just added Sheilun but took away our renewing mist :rofl: :rofl:



2 points Overflowing Mist or Resplendent Mist IS WHATS CAUSING THIS BUG!
Dont use 2 points into Overflowing Mist try 1 instead and see if that works

Yup, can confirm. Mine is broken aswell. Lol…
It “casts” but does nothing.

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I’ve been running AA and AV on heroic for the rings and I’ve not had any issues with renewing mist. I’m using both those talents. Details shows it’s healing.

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Borked for me unable to cast renewing mist on players

same…absolutely ruins the spec. what a bug.

lol those are 2 of our best talents

same, nice job blizzard

1 point in rapid diffusion

It’s not blizzard unless they have game breaking bugs for people.

Currently druids using shred or rake from stealth crash

Renewing mist is working for me. I am using both those talents and Sheilun’s Gift.

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