Rend buff drops works differently than Ony/Nef on layered realms

Hi, this is more of something working strangely than a real bug I guess. After the last series of world buff hotfixes there’s no longer any way to tell which layer rend buff was dropped on. Both layers run the exact same full NPC dialogue event but only one layer is put on cooldown, making it basically guess work which layer a head can be handed in on. Ony/nef thankfully doesn’t use this method and we can set timers for these the same as we always could before the hotfixes.

In the last hotfix a new hidden NPC (ID 173758) was added to hand out Ony/Nef buff on both layers which works well because they don’t need to run the full hand in event on both layers like rend does. The Ony/nef hand in NPCs don’t need to /yell on both layers so we know which layer the buff dropped on and can set a timer.

Please can we make Rend work the same way as Ony/Nef. World buffs are a pain we know and even more so on layered realms, but at least before the hotfixes we had reliable timers and knew when we could and couldn’t hand in a head to get the buff, now Rend is just a huge mess on layered realms with people having to guess which layer to hand in on because one layer is falsely showing the hand in event without actually going on cooldown. Please just make it come from a new NPC like Ony/Nef or somehow remove the yells/head on a pike from the layer it wasn’t dropped on.


Please Blizz


Bump so Blizzard sees.