Remulos is dead...thanks Blizz

Well a big thankyou to Blizzard for essentially annihilating Remulos. The recent exodus of players from Remulos to Arugal has gutted raiding on Remulos, especially for those who log on during the day or late in the evenings. A once healthy server with lots of players online is essentially dead.

Im not going to speak for everyone, but i wouldnt have been opposed to an oceanic realm merger of all realms and offers to rebalance which would have helped raiding and LFG. But what youve created is a flood thats aimed in one direction. So yeah, thats it for me. Once my sub is complete i wont be renewing. Wont even see ICC.

Easily the dumbest recent move for Blizzard.


Yeah my guild literally decides last week “hey we will be a horde guild on arugal now. Find us there”

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Its total horses**t. The free transfers have absolutely borked so many players.

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So Blizz forced everyone to leave ??? - no - it was the players decision, they didnt want to remain on the server , you should of moved with them

they abandon low latency realm just to join 200+ms on whitemane lol