Remove the Instance Cap

Literally zero reason for it. You arent going to win the fight against mage power-levelers, and it does absolutely nothing to “combat botting”; actual GMs would combat botting better than any half-cocked instance cap. All this does is gimp people on imbalanced PvP servers who want to level safely and folks who want to get their reputations finished quickly. It should be fairly obvious at this point that the only function an instance cap serves is to handicap and frustrate a large chunk of your MUCH-needed player base. Figure it out.


Remove the daily instance cap! It does not belong in TBC.


This is something of the past, we will never experience this again

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Actually if you read the blue posts it explains it.
30 cap is fine, go venture in the open world and quest/grind.

How stupid is this company? TBC is not a place for instance caps.


#RemoveTheCap !


#RemoveTheCap !


Link me the blue post where it gives practical reasoning for this change, otherwise dont tell me how to play the game and I wont tell you how to lick boots.


there you go :slight_smile:

You did by saying that.

BUT. . honest question. How long do you think each instance will take to clear? For full XP and clear. . Be honest. Let’s do some math.

I said practical reasoning. This does nothing to “reduce the profits for new bots when they first come online”.

Hey, another boot-licker. Hi. Instances will be easily cleared in 30min per, on average. Thats only 15 hours of instanced leveling, and I can GUARANTEE people were planning on leveling longer than that upon release.

I think the better question is why do you defend a company that doesnt have it’s player’s best interests in mind? That doesnt hire GMs to do the actual policing of the game?

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IMO it’s probably so that salty sweaty neckbeards like you don’t burn out and unsub cuz you finished the content in 1 month and come to the forums cry for more content.
This also allows Blizzard to get more income from subs.

I couldnt understand you with all that boot in your mouth.

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