Remove Layering!

Raids have lockouts?

And yet it is broken to the point bosses can respawn AND you can loot them again.

Even with a lockout.

Then the folks doing that should be banned.

Might i add that the raid ‘lockout’ works differently from retail, where you are loot locked in retail but in classic, it prevents the instance from respawning.

That’s why I was under the impression that any layer you were on should have the same lockout.

Found the exploiter.

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Yeah you got me, level 38 with not even 30g in the bank. Getting really far ahead with all of my exploits.

I know people are abusing layers. I’m asking how it’s significantly impacting his game in any noticeable way. There’s a whole lot of fearmongering and complaining from people who, if they weren’t reading the forums, wouldn’t even know that layers existed.

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no reconciliation
no mercy
no forgiveness

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Argueing for cheating(exployting) is just as wrong as cheating itself.
There needs to be no question how it impacts people but how to prevent and punish it.

What have the following three words in common:

…right, they all have an inherently negative connotation.

There needs to be no question how it impacts people

Actually there does… If something has no effect on anybody else, then I don’t think it can be a bad thing, and I think it’s immoral to punish or prevent something that only impacts the person taking the action.

That isn’t the case in this scenario, but I still think it’s dumb to go and make a forum post about how bad something is when you can’t even identify how its affecting you in any way. I’m very anti-fearmongering and anti-hysteria.

Gold inflation, items flooding the auction house, Epic mounts before others on a PvP server. The list is actually quite long why Blizzard is banning those who partook of the activities.

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If you do not think that cheating/abusing/exployting is bad, then there is no point in argueing with you. In that case you should start closer to the concepts of what is wrong and right.

Most people with a moral compas understand:
Fair play is good
Cheating is bad

Even if it does not affect anyone else, it is not a good idea to teach people otherwise.

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Yeah Bliz remove layering… we all want 8 Hour Queue times…

OP, layering is a necessary evil for Classic.
Without it, most (if not all) of the high populated servers would be virtually unplayable, because questing/grinding would be near impossible due to so many people just being on the server trying to get the tag on a single mob or gathering node.
Not to mention the possible queue times we’d have to sit and wait in just to play if layering didn’t exist. Just the thought of waiting hours in a queue just to play, when i barely even have 3-4 hours to do so, would make me (and possibly many others like me) unable to play Classic because we can’t even get in.

i don’t like/support layering either, nor do i have to, but I accept it as a crucial part of Classic because it serves a temporary purpose. When its purpose is fulfilled, it will be gone. All we have to do, is wait.
It’s like an ugly pillar smack dab in the middle of a room that keeps the ceiling from falling onto everyone until the construction crew figure out a better way on how to keep the room supported structurally.

Ignore the man behind the curtain right? Ignore criminal behavoir as long as it isnt directly impacting you right?

Im sure you’re one of the people scamming and cheating the system and use this weak “how does it hurt you?” defense. Well it hurts everyone. You want to minimalize it so that you can continue being a leach on the community around you.

This isnt just “you play your way and i play mine”. This is a clear abuse of rules for cheaters to thrive and i hope they all burn in hell.

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This is the authentic Classic experience. Oh, you’re talking about vanilla? That was 15 years ago.

I already said that it’s bad in this scenario.

Morality is actually one of my favorite topics, but I’m not going to get too deep into philosophy on the Blizzard forums.

Normalizing behaviors that can negatively impact other people is bad, but that’s why it’s important to draw the distinction between actions that affect other people and actions that don’t.

I mean, depends on the crime. Criminality isn’t indicative of morality (and I care far more about morality than legality).

No, I’m very anti-exploiting personally. I don’t want to ruin my own game experience - I’m actively avoiding even powergaming where I can, nevermind exploiting to get ahead - and contributing to the normalization of layer abuse would hurt Classic overall.

Ah yes, “if you disagree with the mass hysteria and whiners then you’re a cheater”. Excellent argument.

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I have today muted 10 posts on Layering. Its starting to get really old. Perhaps people could create posts on something else, just for a change?

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Disagree…? Help me understand what you disagree with, is it that people used an exploit to cheat, or that it has an impact on the community?

The post i replied to was minimalizing the cheaters by asking OP how it directly impacted him. Saying you “disagree” is disingenuous.

Agreed it needs to go NOW. Not soon, NOW.