Remove Eclipses

We got our 2 DoTs (SF/MF)
We got a ST and AoE Filler (Wrath/Starfire)
We got a ST and AoE Spender (SS/Starfall)
We got our mini CD (EF or Moons)
We got our big CD (Elune)

Stop mucking it up with dumb eclipse phases. Just make Eclipse a passive talent with the same buffs.

Outside of Eclipse nonsense, the spec is pretty fun right now imo. It’s actually a nice fun and simple spec. Reminds me of old Elemental or Frost mage. Just easy and fun.


Okay hold up.

Are you wanting eclipse removed period, or just a talent?

I want the Eclipse mechanic removed (Cast 2x XYZ and it buffs ABC). I would rather my Wrath and Starfire use be dictated by the amount of Mobs in a pack (1-2 Wrath, 3+ Starfire).


Don’t make it opposite! Current iteration feels so clunky. Sure, let me cast my single-target filler twice on an AoE pack, just to buff my AoE filler and spender (And vice-versa). Two casts of Wrath should put me into Solar and two casts of Starfire should put me into Lunar.


So youre unable to see the forest for the trees in this scenario.

The design isnt about entering eclipses from a non combat standpoint. Its about transitioning between eclipses without the down time.

The system is made for longer fights in mind where you go through multiple eclipse phases. So youre in Solar Eclipse and going to town on Wrath spam. What do you need to do to get into Lunar Eclipse? Not a damn thing. Keep casting Wrath spam and you’ll transition flawlessly.

Now you switch to Starfire spam. And once lunar eclipse runs out, what do you do to switch back to Solar Eclipse? Not a damn thing, keep spamming Starfire.

Now this was its original design in Shadowlands. Im not sure if much has changed going into DF. Ill admit i havent even changed into Balance spec in DF yet so i do apologize if the design has changed (but its not sounding like it)

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I don’t think you alternate eclipses. You stay in solar eclipse for single target and lunar eclipse in AOE. If so, you need to fit in 2 non-optimal fillers to keep the appropriate eclipse going.


Did they let you go back to back on the same eclipses??

Yep. You can also use Incarn and arcanic pulsar (spelling) to stay in the desired eclipse since they cause both eclipses.

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Eww. Whats the point of having eclipse system in place then :frowning:

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I don’t know. I don’t like its current iteration. Be advised that I’m very casual. Maybe I’m missing something.

No, i think i recall them giving in to player demands and letting them choose their eclipse state instead of alternating.

Small price to pay to not have to alternate i guess.

Well this would be a QOL overall, you have to realize that there can be variables where pack per spell isn’t correct. You wrath right now on 3-4 if in incarn.

But it also doesn’t feel clunky. This has been the design since literally wrath lol. Except now we don’t have to rely on crits to cycle it. No lunar bar either.

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I know that this is how it has always been, but that does not mean it isn’t fun. I just hate being forced to cast a ST filler to buff my AoE filler and vice-versa.

Elemental sham had the same design with EB buffing Earthquake and it was also annoying.

If Wrath is designed the be our ST filler, 2x casts of that should just buff our ST kit and vice-versa.

Forget that it was always opposite…It was always clunky. And sure, part of the charm of being a moonboi is the clunkiness, but the spec actually feels pretty good right now and I think that change (Wrath gives Solar and Stafire gives Lunar) would really make it better AND make it a lot more straightforward in the design.


I hate echoes of sundering, but that’s not what this is. The eclipse mechanic is the ebb and flow of the spec. It creates a cycle. Without it, there’s no kinda rhythm at all. Eclipse is your single damage window. The only thing I’d do, imho, is make incarn a 2min CD and make pulsar proc on EF or Full Moon casts instead of that weird buff tracking nonsense. And make new applications of starlord replace the lowest one. I hate using a cancel aura macro in my dps rotation.

Sure, but we have reached a point where we ignore eclipses pretty much. We used to have an ebb and flow. Back and forth on a timer OR stuck in an eclipse until we cycled out of it. Now we choose and we basically just spam wrath in ST and completely ignore being in lunar or in big AoE packs (Outside of CDs) we spam Starfire and ignore being in Solar. Just feels weird to have this “big theme” of the spec we ignore. If we align Starfire into Lunar and vice-versa, at least we are playing into the Eclipses.

I might be in the minority, but it just makes more sense to me to be able to “control” the eclipse we are in (Solar for ST and Lunar for AoE) and not have to cast the sub-optimal fillers to get into the “right” ones.


There was no reason for them to grab Legion’s perfectly functioning balance spec and ruin it with shoehorned eclipse just because they wanted to cash in on WoTLK nostalgia with Shadowlands.

Balance spec with baseline moon spells, not a capstone talent, worked perfectly fine as a spec and was meta for much of Legion.

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How did it work in legion? Eclipse has gone through so many iterations over the years, I’m not sure what specifically you found to be perfect

I think it was starfall and starsurge empowered your next wrath or starfire. So youd spend astral on 2 or 3 starsurges then choose which one to use the empowers on based on situation.

At least i know that was bfas right after legion and then we got the streaking stars azerite trait which was pretty much windwalkers mastery so it was less situation based more never hit the same button twice so youd just weave between both empowered types.

That does sound pretty interesting

That was BfA no? Legion had the bar that rotated between lunar and solar and i think empowered the corresponding spells so long as you were in the proper state?