Reminder: WoW Classic Stress Test Tomorrow

See you there! Just kidding, I wasn’t invited :stuck_out_tongue: !!

OH, that’s an excellent point. I had a serious case of the sads there, but I’m better now! :sunny:

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“got enough dynamite there, Butch?”


I’ll probably be able to smell colours with the amount of caffeine I will consume but it’ll be worth it!

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PS, you get 10k cool points for referencing an amazing movie :wink:

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good thing i didn’t delete them all

Does seem rather counter productive to have the “focused” part of the stress test be at a time of day when most people cant make.

At least it should make the launch of this stress test be way smoother than last week for those of us that can make it.

I can make the test time now- it’s 7am for me in aus, so I can at least log on to help increase the stress load - then play when I get home from work.


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so no character wipe? thats amazing! can someone confirm this?

I’ll be there unless we’re dodging tornadoes and golf ball size hail again tomorrow!

:x: Invite to the stress test

Oh yes my coffee maker will be working overtime tomorrow. See you all in Azeroth!


Me too.

We shall defeat it this time though.

(And this time, my wife realizes she got into the stress test too LOL)

And we get to skip the Character Creation Boss this time (;

that is a confirmation I believe. “seeing you again” implies that they are the same from last week!

Lucky ducks.

Is it safe to assume that everyone who hasn’t yet been invited to the stress test has an active sub and has opted into Classic WoW beta and you’re all just unlucky?

Do you think we forgot?

Meh. This layering BS has sucked the hype out of it for me. I’ll see you guys in 3 months.

Luckily for me, tomorrow was already takeaway night! Only downside is that I can not push back grocery shopping. Cleaning… well that is a never ending battle, right?